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Did my first tele turns...advise neeed!

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I've been out a couple times now on my new Telemark set up trying something new after being an alpine skier forever.  I don't have anyone to Tele with so I'm stuck to youtube videos and forums.  Just after two days I'm pretty comfortable with the turn and the balance.  From what i'm hearing that uphill ski or bend leg you want to put pressure (drive it)?  I'm sure my lunges aren't very low being a beginner so I try to be dramatic about it.   I find my downhill ski either out front or i'm leaning back with pressure on my calf on that downhill boot.  Should I be trying to still lean forward with that downhill ski?  


I have NTN Freeride bindings, they feel really solid (I'm not even worried at this point on how stiff, but I can see with experience demanding it)  and Crispi Shiver boots.  Resort skiing on groomed hills.


After two days out, you granola skiers get an awesome workout and alpine now sounds boring...can't believe I said that. 

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Try to place your weight evenly between the front and back skis, and don't worry about spreading them way out. In fact, a tighter stance (fore and aft) will afford greater control and stability, and faster transitions. And NTN works far better with a tighter stance.

Try not to lunge - drop evenly and smoothly. Don't worry about getting low - that will come when you need it (steeper terrain and faster speeds).

You'll want to pressure the front of the boot and the uphill ski. Think flexed ankles.

I'm (clearly) not an instructor, so hopefully someone less inarticulate than me will chime in.
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Bob, That is helpful information!  I think for me right now it's a comfort thing that will come with practice, so many things to think about!  I just don't want to start any bad habits.  There are about 3 or 4 instructors at my tiny resort that tele.  I'll reach out for a lesson or two.

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Skievh, here's a link to an excellent visual for you. Hiro is one of the finest free heel skiers around. The clip is cool... first run is on XCD gear, the second on standard 'heavy' gear.

Notice he is neither low nor lunging.
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The PSIA tele examiner I've gotten to ski with some stresses the importance of shin pressure on the front boot and equal weighting with a significant flexing of the back boot.

A sensation description I found helpful was sinking between the feet. The more upright you remain, the greater range of motion you preserve for dealing with terrain/snow anomalies.

The beauty of tele, to me, is the smoothness of movements.
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Best advice I got when starting telmark was "steer with the rear"  (along with always face downhill, quiet upper body, compact stance, etc.) which goes along with sliding the uphill ski slightly back rather than pushing the downhill ski ahead.  Oh yeah, think about a band holding you knees close together, maybe just so your uphill knee can slightly tuck behind or up against the downhill knee.

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