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Looking for some info on the Volkl P10

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I used to race a long time ago.  I had some P9s and P10s if I can remember correctly.  When they started jacking the numbers by 10 and jumped from P10 to P20, that was right around the time I stopped getting new equipment.  Over the years I lost track of my old equipment.  Some is in still in my mom's attic, crumbling in the 100+ degree heat, but apparently a pair of black P10s with purple letters made it to my house, alone with my old boots (Tecnica Carbontech's - also blue and purple)  These old skis have RT stamped on them. 


Anyway, I seem to remember my slalom skis were yellow and my GS skis were red or orange.  So I'm like, where the heck did these come from??  They have something like about a 10 cm sidecut at 205 length just looking at them, but I didn't feel like taking the brake off to actually measure it....  what I want to know is whether it's a GS or what?  I remember having a GS ski that was black with green and pinkish-purple lettering on it, but I was pretty sure it was a Hart Ski, as I had a particularly memorable crash with them, and a course guy came over and said something like, damn those are old skis your using!


Anyway, I tried to track down the info on the WWW, but all I found out was that Volkl was making P10s in a rainbow of colors... pink and green, teal and dark blue, etc.


Is there anyone on this form that can help refresh my memory of what the deal is with these mystery P10s? 



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Very good question.I very  much doubt if there is a good..or accurate answer to your question anywhere...OTHER than to what you have now.Probably no answer.

I had..and sold..many pairs of 9's and 10's.They just seemed to come in such a variety of colors and models that I did not know..nor did I ever come across anyone that did.

There WAS a black with green and pink-purple lettered Volkl P10. I had a pair..that is all I can remember about them.

Sorry I could not be  of more help.

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RT was probably for RennTiger, their rec model all around ski.  RS was the designation for the giant slalom.

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My 205cm P10 SLC are lime green, pink and purple. I bought them in 1995. Jumping out of my K2 KVC Comps. I found the P10's wern't agressive enough on the icy terrain at Killington (due to the cracked edges) so I bought Red P30's in 1998, size 203 GS when the parabolic designs we're coming into play. The best ski I've skied before I returned to the slopes with Volkl Six Stars. I wish I didn't sell them on ebay, used only a few times before I took six years off for knee surgery. I have a pair of mint P10's and mint K2 Extremes if someone showed interest. The K2 we're skied on less then 5 times. The P10's about the same.
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