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Academy Paraphenalia

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There are still some fleece vests and a few hats available. If anyone is interested they sell for $40 and $20 respectively, shipping is a mere $5. If interested PM and I can put one on hold until your check arives. Both are high quality and develop a stir of interest when worn in a new environment. It seems that there are lurkers all over the place!

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I edited teh above because I amde an error in the price of the hats. For those of you that are interested please send a check to Nolo at PO Box 895 White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645. I am sorry, but we can not take paypal for the merchandise.

I am trying to post a picture for those that have asked but am having trouble locating the right cable. Hopefully it will be found by tonight.
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Okay, call me an idiot!! I can't find the stupid cable I need and it is not available in this *((*( town. The vest is burgundy the logo is available here The hats are tan with brown bills. They feature the logo and also say Brighton, Utah 2003.
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Actually- the vests are "RED" ... with some black trim

With blue and white logo...

100wt polar fleece

2 large side pockets, and an elastic cord drawstring around the waist

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