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The Canyons

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just came back from a trip to pc and did 2 days at the canyons. I missed the deer valley day due to food poisoning from local restaurant. 

2-4" of snow on wednesday with a blue bird day.  I found out it is always important to look at the lift name before hoping on.  Ended up on 9990 and didn't notice it until I got off. My only concern was for my brother who can ski diamonds but doesn't like moguls.  We made it down without any problems and had a blast.


Kudos to their ski school.  my wife signed up for the 4 person max lesson and ended up with only one other woman in her class.  The third student was moved to a different class.


I skied one run with her at the end of the day and was impressed and happy with her progress.  She was having fun and really enjoying herself.   She was going to go back on Friday for another lesson but was still recouperating from the food poisoning.  For $249 you get the full day lesson, the lift ticket and a lunch!  Well worth it and would do it again with her the next time we are out there.

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So glad to hear you had a great experience at The Canyons.  While seemingly expensive, I think lessons are essential -- especially when it involves teaching someone in your own family.  Again, glad you had a great time here in Utah.  Hope you come back later this season or some other season in the future.


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