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planing ski bases

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Hi all, 



Are these tools good for planing bases? I most people (other than Jacques and a few others) suggest to take the skis to a shop to have the bases planed, but why not just use a tool to do it:

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I have found the SkiVisions Base Structuring and Flattening tool to do a good job....

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I'm sure that will work fine.  So does the SkiVision.  You will need to sharpen it from time to time.  I use stones from Boride the same way the Visions tool does.  I just hold them in my hand though.  I always use fluid with the stones or they will clog.  I have found The T-2's and the AM-8's to both work very well.  Even with fluid they will get dull after much use.


Another hint for structure.  Get a coarse file that has straight sides.  The file must be cut on the sides.  Many half round files are like that.

Place a coarse fiber pad below the file.  Tip the file on edge with the pad under it.  Now stroke with heavy pressure.  If the file is coarse enough you will see the lineal structure that is left.  The high spots of the file edge will provide the hard pressure through the fiber pad to impart structure. 

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I have been using the ski visions base flattening tools for years. They work great. I use the red M, and C stone for spring base flattening.

I run the tool down the base 7-8 times or so before I wax.

I just use a stainless steel wire brush to clean them after each pass.
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