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I hate being cold - hate it. Apparel help, please.

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I am buying new ski gear for the first time in years. A lot of years.

I want to make sure I get the warmest stuff I can but I've heard ski gear has come a long way in the last few years an my solution doesn't have to be bulky.

I guess my question is, what is the warmest base layer+ jacket combo and what us the best base+ 1+ jacket combo available?

I have the same question for pants.

I really appreciate your feedback.
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Many companies make seriously warm gear, eg, suitable for AK. Don't go overboard or you'll have the opposite issue. Suggest layering, I routinely ski in single digit or negative temps wearing spandex longies, down sweater (go for count 800 or above so it'll be thin), insulated Gore Tex pants and breathable shell. If you really want to be subtropical underneath, add an insulated jacket; I like Primaloft insulation + Gore Tex. IME being cold starts with hands and feet. Get insulated gloves with Gore Tex liners; wet gloves get cold fast. I use Marmot Guide gloves, several other good brands like Black Diamond. Not a fan of Hestra for serious cold but others like them. Hand warmers inside are old trick that works. For boots, suggest Intuition liners. They will improve the handling of most boots and are surprisingly warmer than factory liners. Alternatively, get Boot Gloves. Finally, make sure you start warm. Weird number of folks tramp around outside wearing half their normal gear, go into the lodge not realizing they've lost several degrees core temp, then throw on gear and take off to ski. Fail. Have a coffee first. And keep your hands warm the whole time; don't go bare handed when you carry gear around. Good luck.
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What he said, plus don't be those people who pull into the unloading area and dump your skis. poles and boots, then drive off to park.  I have seen this so many times I have to wonder at the intelligence of these people.  I've also seen lots of people pull up to unload and their boots are in the bed of their pickup, having been there for an hour or so on the drive to the ski area.  Starting out with cold boots is a great way to ruin your day.  Also, at lunch time, take off your boots and put on clean dry warm socks.  You will be amazed at how wet your socks get after skiing for 2-3 hours, even in very cold weather.  I totally agree with Beyond about Hestra gloves.  I have two pair and they not worth even half what they cost.  Mittens are much warmer than gloves, so if you have trouble with cold hands, get mittens with a removable liner and put a heat pack between the liner and the shell or get some of the Seirus glove liners that have a pocket on the back of the hand for the heat packs.

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start with merino wool base layers. A one piece would is warmer for sure. Then go on to warm wool mid layer o fleece with a down sweater under a shell. 

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Insulated ski jacket and pants vs. shells.


Helmet with balaclava underneath.


Electric boot heaters.


Hand held glove heaters (use mittens)


Then layer up as needed underneath.

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