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Ski level and academy?

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To be able to ski and learn from some of the people on this board, I would ski East/West/ Africa If I had to!

The question is however: How good of a skiier do you have to be to go to the academy?

If you are not a solid intermediate or expert would you be holding people back and ruin other participants fun? Would you be over your head?

Could some of the instructors give their opinion as to what minimum requirements or skill level's you expect the students to have?
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We would take any level skiers at the academy. You tell us what you want, we will supply the instructors!

That's the beauty of this forum. The more important thing is how passionate are you about your skiing. The more motivated you are, the more you will benefit from the academy!
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We are really trying to expand the range of the academy in both directions. So make your voices heard!
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I wasn't able to make to the first Academy, but if I were I would have been happy to work at any level, from never-evers on up. The Academy should be an enjoyable experience for anyone who attends with a good attitude, not just those of us with chronic compulsive skiing disorder.

Along the same line, I hope we can organize an Eastern Academy this year. If we could keep costs down, it might attract more people beginners/intermediates, the type of skiers who don't feel the need to travel out West to challenge themselves.

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Beginners are beautiful.

There was disappointment expressed between the coaches that there weren't more beginner/advanced beginner participants in EpicSki Academy I.

It's fun to see the light go on when a good skier picks up on a nuance that'll make a better skier, but nothing beats the grins and enthusiasm expressed by a true novice finding out how much pleasure lies ahead in their skiing life.
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Yeah, Bonni and I do not want to be the "baby" group again, so join us! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Believe me, if I make it out to the Academy, I'll want some company. And I'm *very* confident I'll be in a babier class than LM and Bonni. [img]smile.gif[/img]

-d, preparing for her last skiing trip of the year next week (and steeling herself for the Horror That Is Watching Yourself Ski On Video)
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The academy is sounding better and better! Knowing that my wife and I will not be way over our heads really makes us look forward to attending the academy.

I also second the notion that an east coast academy be given some thought, as it would make it easier for us to get away. But if not possible then we will travel out west to learn and have fun!
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I'm telling you, I wish that when I was about a level 3, I had done something like this, instead of, or as well as the Ski E'Spirit at Whistler. I would have learned to actually SKI a more challenging trail, as opposed to simply surviving it!
What was fun about being the lowest level group, is having the other groups get very excited about your improvment. On the last day of the academy, it was a real trip being on the same bump run as the most advanced group.

Here's a thought. The Canadians are interested in a Canadian Gathering. Some of the east coast people want an east coast academy. What about an Eastern Canadian Academy, say in March when its not too cold?

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Bonni,Lisa and Lori do bumps!!!! They started with a very pronounced and tentative wedge turn. Now they are comfortable on easy blacks.
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In my view, the academy is the live version of EpicSki's Technique & Instruction Forum. It's all about learning more about the sport. Last year's academy was unique, I think, in the passion for learning of all the participants, from the most august and esteemed coaches to the so-called baby group. That's what made it special. With everyone there for the same reason, it's easy to be in harmony, even if some people there had decades of skiing under their belt and some had only a handful of days. We all put skis on for the first time somewhere, and to do it at the academy would be nothing less than ideal.

I hope to see you and Mrs. Cub at the next academy!

P.S. If you haven't signed up for the monthly newsletter, please contact dwightcramer@email.msn.com to get on the list...
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