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Elan Spectrum 95 ALU

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I just picked up a pair of these.  Have not seen a review on here.  If anyone is interested I will give my opinion on why I chose this ski over the Cham 97, Rossi Sol7 that I also demoed.


Let me know and I will put my humble opinion on this thread.




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I am interested.  Please fill us in.

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C'mon, getcher $.02 in.

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Definitely interested in hearing your thoughts!


Hard to find info and reviews on these skis, seems they're under the radar for some reason.  They seem promising, but Elan is generally quiet around these parts.


Comparison and insight would be greatly appreciated!

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193 lbs of wore out cartilage and bones

skiing since the mid 80s

age 55


Ability, I can ski most any terrain without looking awful.  I can carve a turn, don't like bumps but love to ski through tight trees with fresh snow.



I demoed the Soul 7 this year early in the season with hard pack conditions.  Love the light weight and all the other attributes mentioned in other reviews.  But for me I picked up vibration and chatter in harder conditions.  I was afraid I wouldn't like it over the long haul because of that, I think in my head I wanted a sheet of metal in there.  I sure would like to try it at Eldora with the 44 inches they got this past weekend.  Demo version of that ski at my local shop is always out.



Cham 97 


Demo both the metal (Titanal) and sans-metal.  I liked them both but by the time I got on the metal version Keystone was way crowded with limited runs.  I think I might have been on the 184 length with the metal version and navigating through the maze of fallen children was not fun so I took it back.  It was late in the day, tired and I had demoed about 5 skies that day.  But I knew it was certainly a candidate.  So a few weeks back I tried the 178 metal version at Eldora with about 8 inches of fresh and they made me feel like a Legend in My Own Mind.  So much fun in the tight trees.  Drop your bum a little and the tips come right up and you just kinda squirm them through the trees.  I started skiing tighter and tighter trees, confidence.  Lots of control and killer fun.  The heavier weight was not an issue at all.  Then I got them out on piste and they carved a great turn.  The only thing was if I wasn't careful they got a little quick in the turn and wanted to high side me out.  So I thought hmm maybe the 184 is the ticket.  So I had the chance to get out on the 184 a few weeks later in another good dump of 12 inches or so.  Man what a difference, this ski just worked my old azz into mush.  Too much ski for me or I just don't have the proper technique.  Shovel appeared to be a bit far out for me to engage and when it did I could not control it.  Going strait down on piste, not really a problem but in the trees I felt like I was driving an 18 wheeler and as the day wore on the worse I got.  My back was hurt the next day.  I felt like I skied a good ski badly.


Elan Spectrum 95 180


This ski has an Aluminum top sheet and feels a bit lighter than the Cham 97.  The Aluminum is the shape of the yellow part of the ski.  It also has the Amphibio Rocker where the outside of the ski tip  is rocked as well as the front tip.  I demoed it at Keystone first with hard pack conditions.  Skied very similar to the Cham.  Nice control in the tight trees with the aforementioned technique. Not a great test in the trees but there was enough soft snow to get a feel.  But carving a turn is where this ski set itself apart.  Initiates nice and smooth and then you can feel her load up and I feel like a kid on a roller coaster whipping around a turn. Winner.  I have to fess up here.  I currently ski an Elan 888 and Elan's combination of edge grip, flex pattern and dampness just fit my taste buds.  I was still ever so tempted to pull the trigger on the Cham (Local shop had them on sale) but found a good deal on the Spectrum and I thought the 180 length as right.  Once I purchased them I put on a Griffon and headed up to Eldora for the dump fest that has been going on this past weekend.  I was so excited with shin deep powder and new skies!  First couple runs I didn't ski that well and I thought maybe it was just going to take some time to get in the groove with a new ski and all the snow.  Then on the lift ride up I realized I had the skies on the wrong foot.  There is a left and right because of the Amphibio rocker.  LOL!  So when I switched things changed a bit to say the least!  For tight tree squirming and powder I think the Cham might have the edge.  But for 1 quiver set up I think the Elan is going to work out fine.

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What length 888s did you ski?

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

What length 888s did you ski?


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Here is a tolerable video of Plake talking sensible about the Spectrum ski construction.


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Just a quick note on the Elan Spectrum 95 ALU:


They are fantastic skis for carving through crud at unreasonable speeds. Totally stable, probably thanks to the Amphibio rocker design, which really does seem to work. They are also some of the best and most responsive carvers on hard pack at this width. These are beefy, heavy, solid skis. Elan's PR claims they are supposed to be light. Trust me, they aren't. 


They do require very specific and accurately timed input from the skier, particularly in tighter situations and bumps, and they respond well to a good deal of forward pressure. In general, they just want to run, and you need to be ready to pull back on the leash. 


In dicey snow conditions, I don't know if there's any other ski I would pick over these right now, but for someone looking for a one-ski quiver, or if you already have a good pair of carvers and don't need your all-mountain ski to be great at that, just be aware that as rewarding as they Spectrums can be, they are a bit elephantine in tight moguls and trees.

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