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Ski recommendations?

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Yes, I know, surely this subject is worked and worked again on these forums. And yes, I have browsed a few posts about the subject, but still feel unanswered. About me: 5' 8", 152 lbs, about 15%body fat, been skiing for 14 years, am 16 years old(yes, my parents did actually take me skiing since I was two), and would assign myself the following skill qualifications:

Carving technique: Advanced

Steeps and speed stability: intermediate/advanced

Tricks and jumps: beginner(never really done it at all)

Powder: advanced

Moguls: intermediate


So I'm not really an expert at anything, but pretty solid on my skis, and have the technique to pull a 35-55 degree cut on good snow. I am mostly just a carver, skiing in New England. The problem: I'm currently on 158cm Atomic RC8s, which is, to my understanding(correct me if I'm wrong) a kids race ski. So I was gonna upgrade, but not quite sure what to go to. I have a pair of 164 Nordica SUV8s in my basement, but again, not sure if it's worth getting the bindings reset and all that, considering they are almost ten years old. Was at a ski shop and they recommended 171-173s for me, which is another reason I doubt the Nordicas. Also running on a pair of 20 year old hand-me-down boots, another thing to be replaced. I have just not made progress in a while, and am beginning to think it is partially due to sub-par equipment. Again, any input here would be welcome. So assuming I'm gonna buy a brand new pair of skis, what would you all recommend for me? Heard Volkl is fantastic, but a bit pricey. Either way, up to any suggestions, and technical info that might help me decide!! Thanks to anyone who can help.


- Cirbann(Haven)

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Originally Posted by Cirbann View Post

 what would you all recommend for me?


Buy the boots first, then re-evaluate the skis based on boots that work. 20 year old hand-me downs are standing out from the screen in letters that look like this to me.


For somebody 150 lbs, a ski in the 160 cm range does not sound THAT short and the key problem here sounds like the boots.


I can be rough on the wallet to buy boots that you will grow out of come your next growth spurt. The answer may be buying some used properly fit boots at a ski swap, then buying some new liners for them on e-bay or TGR or the marketplace here. But buying used boots without new liners is not going to help.

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I'll go along with the need for good boots, and your foot growth should be just about done.  Wow!  20 year old hand-me-downs. :nono:


What so you want to do with your skiing?  Relatively higher speeds on firm groomed runs, racing, moguls, soft snow in the trees?  I think prioritizing the ski's mission in order of importance can help us to point the way to something closer to what you need.  


You're a solid skier and congrats for doing it on that equipment.  Imagine how much easier it will be with proper fitting and designed gear for your needs.

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Alrighty! I'll start to look into boots then! I haven't grown in three years, so I'm beginning to think I stopped early, therefore boots shouldn't be a problem. They were from my dad, hence the age. To you, Cirquerider, I'm more a high speed, groomed kinda guy. Of course, I absolutely adore powder and tree skiing, but up in New England, it's rare, so I'll be looking more to a very speed tolerant, stiffer ski most likely. With the new info on boots being more needed, do you have any tech recommendations for those??





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@Philpug and @dawgcatching ...any thoughts for our young friend?

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