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I am from Knoxville, TN and will be taking my family to Breckenridge in mid-March and would like some advice on boots.


First of all, I am an experienced skier, was once fairly decent on moguls, but due to age (52), lack of skiing over recent years, much of it due to severe aching and pain in my feet from every boot I've owned or rented in the past, I don't ski moguls any longer.  But I do still enjoy single blacks and steep blues, with maybe some bumps.


I've been doing a lot of searching online about getting some new boots.  For the past 10 years I rented/demoed out west, but this time I would like my own boots and just rent the skis, if I can get boots that don't cause the pain/aching I have always suffered from. 


I've looked at the Surefoot website and was pretty impressed, even to the point of willing to spend $1,000 plus to keep my feet from aching, until I started reading a number of negative of reviews.  I had planned on buying some in Breck when I got there, but now I'm not so sure.  I am also not happy with the idea of having to get them tweaked at the end of every day, because we're only going to be skiing four days and I don't want to spend a significant amount of time dealing with boot fitting while on vacation (expensive trip).  Would much rather get the boots beforehand.


I am in need of a good boot fitter, hopefully in the Knoxville, TN area, but would be willing to drive several hours if there's none in this area.


My measurements: (done by me, so they may not be exact)


Foot length - 24.75cm

Foot width at widest point - 11.43cm

Calf circumference at its widest point 44.45cm


I am so sick of having to even stop mid-run to sit on the slope and loosen my boots for several minutes before I can finish my run.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks,


Jeff Rusk

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did i just read that right  24.75cm long and 11.43 wide!!!


my advice would be find the best boot fitter in breck and expect to spend a bit of time on their bench, if those measurements are close to correct there is not a boot in the world which will fit you out the box, i am guessing that in the past you have just gone up and up in size to get something wide enough


whilst you may not like the idea of spending time out of your vacation having boot work done, i am afraid that it will need to be done, and it is probable that you will need adjustments to a boot after skiing (based on the info you have given), so probably better to get it done for free where you buy the boots than have to pay someone to do it when you get to the hill

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Thank you for the reply, Colin.  I will take your advice and wait until I get there, I guess.  And you're right, I do go up about 2 sizes, but even then if I buckle the boots until they are snug (not even tight), within 30 minutes is when the aching begins.  I *always* have to unbuckle my boots on the lift.  I end up skiing with loose boots most of the time.


I know, my feet are short and wide, but they are also very thick from bottom to top with a fairly big arch.  All that together equals very painful boot problems.


Thanks again,



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