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Lange RX 130 LV or RX 100 LV?

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Based on the description at the bottom of this post, I'm a level 7 skier. I primarily ski in the Michigan on our version of packed powder (ice). I ski a lot of groomers and dabble in the trees and bumps occasionally. I'm aggressive at times, but I spend a lot of time skiing with my family at a more normal pace. I'm just getting back into skiing this year after a hiatus and my old boots just aren't cutting it anymore.


I spent quite a bit of time with the bootfitter this morning looking at new boots.  I've got an extremely low volume foot and ankle so buying boots has always been a challenge for me. I tried on 5 or 6 different boots before we whittled it down to the Lange RX 130 LV and the Lange RX 100 LV.  I had both pairs on for a while and the 130's just felt more comfortable, particularly across the instep, and they seemed to hold my foot and ankle better. I'm not sure why since they are basically the same boot, but they definitely seemed to fit me a little different. I went in there thinking I wanted something more in line with a 100 flex rating, but I walked out thinking I want the 130's.  I talked with him about my apprehension on going with the 130's and his opinion was that if the 130's really felt better I should go with them.  He said if I take the bolts out, that will soften them up a bit and he'd rather see me in a stiffer boot that I felt more comfortable in then a softer boot that was less comfortable.  I told him to give me a day to think about it so he's holding both boots for me.


I guess I'd just like to get some 2nd opinions on whether I should be worried about going with the stiffer boot given the type of skiing I do and the level I'm at. Also, I forgot to ask him, if I went with the 130 and felt like they are too stiff even after taking the bolts out can they be softened more?  I'm assuming they can, but wanted to ask.



Description: You are comfortable and confident on all blue square and easier black diamond terrain, including moderate moguls and ungroomed snow. You can modify your technique and tactics from a growing quiver of options, linking dynamic carved turns with consistent rhythm on blue groomed terrain. Skiers usually ski parallel, with effective pole use.

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easy to make a stiff boot softer,   So go with the best fit, and make softer if needed.


So get the 130

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Thanks.  I spent more time there yesterday with both the RX 100 and RX 130 and I also brought along my current boots to compare.  I know its hard to compare in a warm shop, but with the bolts in, the 130's were stiffer than the 100's.  With both bolts out, I didn't notice much of a difference between the two and both felt about the same (flex) as my current boots.  I also spent some more time in the 100's, thinking it might have been the way we had the boots adjusted.  We adjusted the buckles several times trying to get the same fit, but it just wasn't happening. I also tried on a 2nd pair of the 100's in the same size just to see if there might have been some variation, but they felt pretty much the same.


Here's what I noticed.  The liner in the 100 is different than the 130.  The liner in the 130 felt a bit denser.  Also, I like the position the rear spoiler in the 130 put me in (closer to the stance I'm used to).  The other thing, which probably influenced my decision most was the 130's just felt better across the instep.  The 100's felt like they cut lower across my instep.  I felt like I was going to have a hot spot there if I went with the 100's. So I bought the 130's.  


I've got a 3 day trip next week so I'm going to experiment with the bolts in/out and see what I like best and how the fit is and then I'll be back to the boot fitter to make any needed adjustments.  At this point, I'm thinking I'll probably ski them with the bolts out when skiing with my family at a more relaxed place and experiment with putting one and two in when I can get on them a bit harder.  


My old footbeds are 15 years old, but he said they still looked good and wanted me to try them in the new boots and see what I thought before spending money on new footbeds. I think I will probably get new footbeds regardless.  I have a hard time thinking my feet haven't changed in 15 years.

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