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Line Prophet 98

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Just demo'ed the Line Prophet 98 on a trip to Utah. From hard-packed groomers to pockets of powder, from hard-charging down wide runs to moguls and steeps, they handled everything with ease -- just an incredibly fun, versatile ski.


I'm keen to buy a pair and the 2013 model is about $200 cheaper online; I also like the topsheet better. Does anybody know if there were changes other than cosmetic between the '13 and '14 models?

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No changes... it's the same ski for 11/12, 12/13 and 13/14. How much are you paying for the skis? I would try not to pay much more than $300 on a ski that's going away next season!


 I got mine for $320 on a summer sale in 2012. Unless you are in need for new skis I'd wait, since they should be pretty cheap by the end of the season or summer.

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Thanks for the info. Yeah I noticed the Prophet isn't in the 2015 Line catalogue.


I've demo'ed quite a few pairs of skis over the past couple of years and the Prophet 98 was the best fit of all, so I'm keen to grab them before they're phased out. I've seen the '13 in my size (172) for about $450 online, will wait some more to see if the price goes down.

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