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A friend of mine and I headed to Beaver Creek the week of January 26th.  While there I was going to buy some new boots and get them custom fit.  My last pair of boots (Tecnica TNT 8.0) were way too small and hurt my feet.  So, I contacted Greg Hoffman at Ski Boot Fitting to see what we could do.  After a lengthy conversation on the phone, he didn't think he could help me.  So, he referred me to Surefoot.  My issues are that I wear a size 14 shoe on my left and a 13.5 on my right, have an A width, and have flat feet with zero arch.  I had read mixed reviews regarding Surefoot and I wasn't sure if I would get the results I hoped for.  I was completely wrong.  My experience could not have been better.  I had emailed Spencer, the manager, at the Surefoot in Beaver Creek to tell him my issues and he assured me that they could help me out.  He was right.


I went to the shop Saturday afternoon, and he measured my foot and started on footbeds while we chose the proper boot.  The boots we looked at were the Lange RX130 and 100 (both in regular and low volume), the Tecnica Cochise 110 and the Nordica FireArrow F2.  With the flat feet, my arch/ankle don't align well and after trying the different models (just my foot inside the shell) we went with the Nordica.  He said he could have made the Langes work but that they would require more modification to the shell.  We decided on the F2s.  It would require the least amount of modification and it would also work well with the skiing I prefer.  After the shell had been modified some on both boots, it was time to do the custom liners.  The process was straight forward and easy.  After the foam was injected, I stood in a slightly forward position (skiing position) and waited for the foam to mold to my foot/ankle.  After that was done the moment of truth came where we tried the liners and footbeds with the boots.  From the moment I stepped into the boot I knew the result was going to be fantastic.  The length was perfect and the width was excellent, as well.  I was excited.


So Sunday we went skiing and I was extremely pleased with the feel and response of the Nordicas.  After a full day of skiing, I had a slight hotspot on the outside of my left foot.  But, it was so minor, I skied Monday without any adjustment.  After a day of skiing on Monday, I went back to Surefoot and they trimmed a bit off of the liner and voila, it was perfect.  I skiied Wednesday and Thursday pain free and I was extremely happy.


I know Surefoot isn't for everyone but my results were exactly what I was hoping for with my difficult feet.  I would recommend this to anyone who a boot fitter may not be able to help.


I can't wait to go skiing again!  If you've ever in Beaver Creek and head to Surefoot, ask for Spencer.  He'll get you taken care of.


(970) 949-4545
Manager: Spencer Stern