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Boot ?

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My current boots are Rossi senergy 100s, they are four years old and have about 200 days on them. The liners need to be replaced, so my question is do I get new liners or buy new boots?. One of the reasons I am having a hard time deciding is I don't know if I want to move to a higher flex boot or not.
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Nobody here can tell you if you should get stiffer boots.  Go see a boot fitter.  Really.

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Where do you ski in terms of terrain, how much do you weigh, are you happy with the boots, etc. Assuming the old boots were fitted by a GOOD boot fitter and not "some guy in a shop", if you're happy with the boots, just get new liners. If you need to get better contact between your feet and the ski, try to get a stiffer boot. If you're doing a lot of rough terrain, stiffer is not always better. Discussion with a boot fitter can help you make a decision. But don't just buy new boots to get new boots.
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