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Soul 7 AT Set-Up?

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I'm seriously considering buying Rossignol Soul 7s for in resort soft snow days.  But I'd also like to use them occaisionally for day backcountry tours.  Has anyone mounted them with AT bindings?  I'm not sure which AT bindings work well with a ski this wide (106 cm).  I'd like something pretty light and have boots with tech fittings.  The new Diamir Vipec 12s look like they might be a good option, or the Dynafit Beasts or TLT Radical FT.  But I've wondered how much control and power transmission a tech binding would provide for a ski this wide?  Another option of course would be something like the Marker Tour F12s or Diamir Eagles with an alpine-like toe unit.  They might give better control/power, but are a bit heavier and I've had problems before with snow build-up under the F12s when skinning.


Also any general views on the Soul 7 as a mixed resort/back-country AT ski? (I have Rossi Radical 9 GS skis for piste days so mostly interested in off piste performance).  I ski mostly in the French Alps so we get every kind of condition possible - both light and heavy powder, crud, wind pack,spring corn.  I wouldn't use these for multi-day Haute Route type tours (I just demo'd a pair of Volkl Amaks - 83mm waist, tip rocker, 1350g, great AT ski for multi-day), but rather a day trip skin to a powder stash or maybe a two day w overnight in a hut.  I'm also considering length - I'm 6' 2" 175lbs and normally would consider 188cm for in-resort given how much rocker they have, but am thinking 180cm might be better for lower weight, skinning and manoeuvrability in the back-country.  Has anyone tried the Rossi pre-cut skins for this ski?


Thanks and greetings from the Haute-Savoie (big pow dump coming this weekend!)

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honestly the tech binding will be fine for transmission . its release/durabilty I would be concerned about riding them in bounds. 


I would not even consider the 180 get the 188cm.....


I would either get one of the alpine step in binding and use it all the time, a plate that lets you mount an alpine binding and tech binding, or threaded inserts into the ski. 

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If you already have a set of F12 and tech bindings, I would look into the route of inserts too. Save yourself on a new set of bindings and have the convenience to modify your setup to best suit your need that day.

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Thanks Josh and 2Clue, I hadn't been aware of these swap plates.  I just took a look at the Binding Freedom site - interesting idea.

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