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Which skis to buy-Hart Outback or Rossignol Temptation 88 Open

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Hey guys!


I have been a member of this forum for a long time, however this is my first post ever. I am hoping for some good suggestions from you all since it seems like everyone here has a pretty good idea about the ski gear. I am thinking of buying a new pair of skis very soon, and I am debating between two types of (women) skis at the moment-Hart Outback 105 or Rossignol Temptation 88 Open. I would consider myself an intermediate skier and I am looking to jump to the next level. The one problem I see with the hart skis is that the lowest length they seem to have is 168 cm, however I absolutely love the design. With the Rossignol however, it looks reliable, but I am not sure if I really like that feather design...


Any suggestions would be great! Thanks :)

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I don't know about the Hart skis, but I have a racer friend who skis on the Rossi Temptation 88 in all conditions here in Utah and they are wonderful skis!  Overall, she prefers the Blizzard Black Pearl skis, but she's an aggressive skier with an arsenal of skis and loves to ski off piste.  If you're looking for a ski to jump to the next level, then you'll be happy with the Temptation 88s.


Have fun!


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I think that rossignol temptation 88 open are great skis..however, not sure if its the perfect fit for me? I am not an aggressive skier. I am more at a cautious intermediate level, but I definitely want to get to the next level. I really like the blizzard black pearl you suggested but not sure if they are a good choice for me considering I am not on that aggressive side of the scale. Would you happen to know of any other good skis suitable for my needs? I am open to suggestions..

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Temptation88 is a pretty stiff ski and isn't really doing to help you up the ladder, particularly if you can't bend it. A shorter length in a Black Pearl would be a better choice IMHO.
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Black Pearls are not a demanding ski and can be skied non-aggressively for sure.

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Comparing a very good 88 waisted frontside biased all mountain ski with a 105 soft snow ski ski is kinda confusing? What are you trying to focus in on. 

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What are you on now? Could you give us your height and an idea of weight? And where/what conditions do you ski? Most of all, what made you want to choose between the Hart and the Temptation? I've never skied on Harts, but on paper the Outbacks are in a different class than the Temptations.

Are you actually asking what kind of ski you should get to advance your skillset? That's a different question altogether, and a good one, too.

However, back to specific skis. I haven't demoed the Black Pearl, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it as the best ski to get your skills down on in hard snow/ice conditions, if that's where you are. At first glance the Hart looks more forgiving--I don't know anything about it--but for a tentative intermediate a 105mm waist seems a little overkill, and even less of an intermediate learner's ski.

That's the big plus about the Temptation 88 for this intermediate skier; it's firm, not so aggressive as to need to be pushed hard, but provides great feedback about whether my form is working or not. I feel like I'm skipping ahead; I've had two lessons on them and freeskiing afterwards has been a truly amazing experience. I'm short but let's say I'm built solidly, so a 162 is working great for me

Without demoing it's hard to say whether the Temptation 88 will challenge you too much or will just inspire you to get your skills on. I certainly would never have considered them if my skis had been unavailable and they were the only skis available in my length for a lesson. I expected to hate them--I certainly dislike the baby blue topsheet--but they've realy been amazing in a lesson on squeaky fresh groomers, a clinic in pushed-around piles of heavy chopped up powder, and freeskiing in shallow dry powder with better control and fun than I've ever had on skis. They are making me more confident that I can be a better skier than I thought I could, and that's an exciting idea I wouldn't have had if I stuck with my Geishas and Kenjas.

As for the topsheet, the ski rep at that demo day told me unequivocally that it's the only difference between last year's Temptation 88s and this year's, and you can buy last year's version in the wrapper for $400 flat. Our Christy's still has some, and depending on the length any number of retailers and online outlets have them in spades.
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I see. These are some really great suggestions! I am currently on very basic skis I believe-the k2 sweet luv. My height is 5 ft 4 inches. I mostly ski groomed surfaces downhill-mostly on the east- windham, Vermont, that are my go to spots for every other weekend. sometimes I do make trips to the west. Lake Tahoe, colorado, I am planning Jackson hole in about a month. I don't have a particular kind of terrain in mind, however, I would definitely want to work on getting better at turning and also on icy conditions. Another part I want to get good at is moguls. I want to be also able to go down blacks fairly easily. Looking at what everyone is suggesting, and also the fact that I have preferences in design, I am now leaning towards the blizzard black pearl (not too crazy about the color though), blizzard viva 7.6 (I really like the black and pink color combination), and the rossignol temptation 76 xelium. Hmm..
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I've heard very nice things about the Temptation 83, too; you might want to add it to your list. You also might check out this gear review forum for more ideas and comparisons between skis. The Black Pearl is well covered, as are a lot of other women's skis that might suit your needs, including some you might even think of. Of course, sometimes the information can seem overwhelming, but you'll get the same kind of helpful suggestions for narrowing down your list that you'll get over here. And always remember that you might have a choice between topsheets if a ski it hasn't actually changed at all over the past few years. And in the course of doing so you might save a few hundred that you could spend on bindings or other gear you need or just have a lust for. biggrin.gif
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