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Instructor certifications - PESA (Quebec) vs CSIA

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This is a fairly narrow question probably only of relevance to instructors in Quebec, so if it's easiest to take it offline and PM me, please do.


Does anyone have any experience with the Quebec organization of instructor certifications (PESA - http://www.pesq.ca/sport.php?id=9) (note- website and all materials are in French)?


 I'm planning to do my level 1 course, and had wanted to do a CSIA course but have had trouble with scheduling, and I would be taking the course/exam with a bunch of 15-20 year olds (I am in my 40s). I'm interested in the class mainly to help my own skiing, and understanding of skiing, and thinking about teaching as a future spare-time activity and potential retirement project.


My local hill offers PESA certification courses with much more flexible schedules including as private lessons.  The other advantage for me is that I know the instructors who will be teaching the level 1 course/exam and they are great.


CSIA offers affiliate status for PESA level 1, so I would have access to CSIA professional development programs, etc., and most hills in QC hire from both certifications.


Any feedback/advice would be appreciated.


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PESA looks like an interesting organization - it appears they are multidisciplinary. That may be good or not. I've never knowingly met a PESA certified instructor (by title). 


If you think you'll ever do any teaching anywhere outside of Quebec... I'd suggest figuring out a way to attend the CSIA level 1 courses instead. And since you plan to take advantage of CSIA programs anyway, why not just bite the bullet around scheduling, go the CSIA route and avoid paying two sets of membership fees? 

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Local hill as in st. bruno? I had a short chat with a PESA instructor on the lift, he said PESA is more children focused, the instructor levels are comparable but PESA is a bit lower than CSIA.

But if you plan to go beyond level 1 I'd say CSIA gives you more flexibility, unless you plan to retire in QC as well.
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I think you guys are right.  Much as it'd be convenient to do level 1 the "easy way", it may not be as productive long-term.  Given how convenient this would be, I may still do it but I would do CSIA as well, and then join CSIA so as to only pay membership to one organization.


I spoke to a few of the instructors who teach in the adult program that I'm in, and essentially all of the higher level instructors have CSIA or both certifications.  Their philosophy was in line with the guy you spoke to; PESA is very kid-focused.


JZ: Yes, it's St. Bruno. I guessed from your videos that we share the same bump!  I refer to St Bruno as "the gym", because it's where I go to work out in preparation to go skiing for real somewhere else.  

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Yep, I go there two or three nights a week, it's pretty much the only place close enough to go often. If you see a guy in this getup, stop and say hi. biggrin.gif
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