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New Ski advice

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Hey guys.  Been trolling these forums for years, shaping many of mine and my family's purchases/trips/experiences on the snow.  So many thanks!  


Anyway, I'm in the market for a new pair of skis.  I'm 5'11", 175.  40 years old.  I've made the mistake of choosing gear based on the skier I used to be and think I still am...  I'm now an advanced intermediate/recovering expert, and will spend most of my time with my wife on blue east coast groomers. 


My current skis are Blizzard 7.6, 167, and I intend to keep them for many of the days we ski.  However, looking for wider skis to add for several reasons.  My sons are getting to the point where we will soon be dropping the wife off after lunch and charging harder.  We have family in Colorado, and have begun hitting the resorts there for at least one week per year.  Imagine I will still favor groomers, but want something that I can get through light powder, will be much better in crud, and won't force me to be "on" 100% of the time.  I'm by no means lazy on the mountain, but fun and enjoyable trumps speed every day.  I also prefer slightly quicker turns (the East Coast habit).  


Ideally I'd like something I can ski most of our days in VT and Berkshires, but also bring out west and be able to love them 90% of the time with the exception of true deep powder days.  Want a ski that will react well in the trees and very occasional bumps, have excellent grip on hard snow for it's width, and be ideal for normal mid-winter groomers at your Snowmass, Steamboats, etc...  For ice, I'll stick with my Blizzards and for powder I'll demo.  But looking for a happier quiver....



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Take a look at the Biizzard Bushwacker or Rossi Exp 88.  Both skis will handle most terrain you will see in the east or west.  Both are forgiving but have a lot of performance built in for when you want to get on them.  Kind of like your 7.6 but wider.  The Wacker will be slightly better in softer snow and off piste while the 88 slightly better on groomers and firmer snow.  I would probably get them in the 173 length for good versatility and the fact you have stated that you have slowed down a bit.  If you feel like the need for speed, move up to the 180 but you will give up some quickness for extra stability at speed.


Good luck,


Rick G

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Rick, since he is going to keep his 7.6, the Bushwacker will be a better complement. If he wants easy and playful, the Salomon quest 98, which is really 96 underfoot in his size.
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Thanks.  My local shop carries both those skis, but they are trying to push me into the Brahmas or Volkl RTM 84's.  Based on what I've read here, the Brahma might be too much ski for me on every run.  Not that I couldn't handle it, but I don't think I want to.  Could be my description of my ability as opposed to my desire.  

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Listen to Phil's thought's and may be take a lesson too with the new wider skis.

I ski with my GF from time to time, but still find time to max out my skis. Don't buy less then what you'll need. With good skills, you'll be fine with a great ski. There are so many there, it comes down to personal feel.

Me, I'm Volkl guy, love my Kendo's at Okemo and Gotama's for the deeper day's.
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