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March skiing

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I know it's a long way off and maybe I should wait to post this but the sooner the better for planning reasons.


Right now I have a plane ticket from Detroit to Ft. Meyers toward the end of March. Due to my recent interest in skiing I am contemplating heading to the slopes somewhere instead of Florida.


Where do you think I would find the best skiing? (I know it is more than a month away)


I could use the ticket at a later date (that would require a fee) and drive to Vermont.


I could possibly use the ticket and ski somewhere in the Rockies.


I don't want to go to Canada at this point.


I would hate to end up somewhere and have poor skiing conditions.


I think I would be classified as an advanced skier.


Thanks for your help!!  :)

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There are so many factors to take in to account. Budget, length of stay, transfers, accommodations, the type of mountain/skiing you think you'll like the best.


Too many options to just throw out there without knowing more information from you.


Obviously CO and SLC are where most people head to (generally for good reason), but maybe something else out there would suit you better.

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I hope you have fun where ever you choose.  I can only speak about here in the West, but for ease of getting from an airport to the slopes in a quick, efficient manner then SLC is hard to beat.   Right now, like other places, we're looking forward to a weekend of a lot of snow to add the the nice bout of snow we've been getting lately.  Here's the latest update from a local meteorologist/powder hound:


Good luck in your decision making!


T. -

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Asking how snow conditions will be next month is completely futile.


I was in SLC early last week and it was awful - very least-coast dust on crust. Since I left (of course) it's been dumping. I spent the last 5 days at Whistler, and again, it was like being at Killington - scratch,scratch scratch, but the last time I was there three weeks ago, we got three feet in a 36 hour period, and it's supposed to snow again this weekend when I go back.


Anyway, as much of a travesty as this thread is, it's quite useful for the amount of information it contains about areas.


Anyway, no doubt I'd second the SLC suggestion. Anything you want within (at most) an hour of landing. All you have to do is make a decision.

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End of March is pretty safe most places in Colorado.  The snowpack is above average and everything will be open.  At high altitude (9,000+ feet) and north facing most of it should be packed powder even if there is no fresh snow.


In Utah that late you should stick to the Cottonwood Canyon areas.   The other places are lower, more sun exposed and will get sloppy if it's sunny.


Let's not even think about sending the OP down the 2CC travesty road.

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