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Footbed Posting

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I am a Cped on the medical side of the fence. I have a fair amount of boot fitting experience, albeit several years ago. Earlier this year I visited a  shop that caters to the local junior race community. The shop uses the Sidas HD Vac system and Sidas blanks.  The owner told me they no longer post footbeds, instead they punch for ankle, navicular, 1st, or lateral 5th; whatever is needed. He told me that this is the method taught by Sidas. While shopping with a friend looking for new boots, we visited a shop that also uses the Sidas system. I was told the exact same information.

I was taught that in stance phase sports, the heel,1st and 5th need to be on the same plane. The posting material used to achieve this plane was based on the weight of the person and the mobility of the foot (firmer for heavier/mobile, softer for lighter/rigid).  If the foot isn't supported properly, unwanted frontal and transverse plane motions are introduced. Punches are a function of volume; a punch done on a boot without properly supporting the foot is equivalent to trying to hit a moving target. That being said, there have been many so advances is ski technique and boot and ski technology I fear the methods I learned may be falling by the wayside.



 The intention of my inquiry  is to learn and grow, not to bash or get into an argument about methodology. I respect the experience and advise offered on this forum. I was hoping one of you could enlighten me.



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Great question, thanks.  I am not a CPed but understand your confusion.  there are several CPeds on this forum and maybe some will answer.  However, from my point of view all that has changed is that we have a better understanding of foot mobility inside the ski boot and it is too much to expect most shop personnel to be trained in posting and biomechanics.  Sidas has simply changed their message to fit the understanding of their shop personnel customers.



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Hi Lou thanks for the response. I'm going to do an experiment on my problematic left foot to see if it will respond to less support in my boot. I'm not in the camp of routinely shoving an O underneath everybody's foot. I like short foot, toe waving and glute med/min strengthening exercises first. But with people's propensity for laziness orthotics are recommended more often than not. I almost laughed out loud when you wrote you aren't a Cped. Your creds go way above and beyond my scope of practice. Plus if it were up to me I would give you the honorary title just for having to work with Nigg :)

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