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Yes I have looked at many of the post below and I am now on sensory overload.  I really want to learn how to maintain my families skies as the tuning is getting expensive.  What are you thoughts on going with the multi-tools over the individual stones/files?  I don't mind spending the money for good stuff, as I am dropping almost $200.00 every time I drop the skis off.  I honestly had no idea there were different waxes as well.


Also I will admit I am more of a visual learner.  I have watched some clips on the internet and they all seem to do things a bit different.  Is there a system/technique that most of you follow with videos?


I plan to maintain the factory edges, but not change them.  How do you determine what degree they are?

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Catch 22. If you're really serious about skiing like me, you'll eventually buy good individual tools, but you don't know and learn until you actually play with some and learn from mistakes. The key is to identify credible sources for knowledge and borrow from their expertise -- search for waxing and tuning discussion by atomicman. He's posted quite a few of them repeatedly. All good advice that I agree.  Do a lot of research on the internet for good price/discount deals.


Below is what I use and do.


1. SVST tools are regarded as some of the most precise tools. I use their tools for jobs that require precision, such side and base edge tuning. I have .5 and 1 degree base edge guides, and 2 and 3 degree full stainless steel side edge guides. They are all solid tools.


2. I use the Swix dual blade sidewall planer. I have a 7 degree side edge guide for sidewall cutting.  I have a FK SKS multi tool. I set it one degree higher than the final edge angle and use to further remove sidewall before establishing the final edge angle. I use the multi tool just because I have it; I personally don't recommend multi tools especially for serious skiers.


3. I have a 18 tcpm Holmenkol crystal steel file for base edge work--short straight teeth that are great for base edge work.  I use a 18 tpcm chrome file for side edge work and a 3.5" panzer file for initial sidewall/metal cutting. I use 5 Diaface moonflex diamond files in 1500, 600, 400, 200, and 100 respectively for polishing after file cutting--I rarely use 1500 or 600 by the way. I have two ceramic files--coarse and fine--for final polishing and case hardening. ***When my chrome and panzer files for side edge and sidewall work wear out, I might consider getting a set of SVST Tungsten Carbide files, medium, fine and extra fine.


4. I have quite a few Toko tools: digital iron, express workbench, WC vise set, 5mm scraper, scraper sharpener with a panzer file insert, and 4 oval brushes--steel, brass, nylon, and horse hair. They are all great tools.


5. Two clamps: standard and mini.  Brake retainers: natural rubber bands, red bands, and FK SKS hook retainers.


6. Other consumable supplies - black and white P-tex sticks, Swix vinyl tape for the base, 3M painters tape for wax masking, fiberlene/fibertex, 320 sandpaper, etc.  I use Swix hydrocarbon wax - yellow, red, and blue, and also Toko shop bulk wax.

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