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Demo suggestion? [woman, east coast]

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I am somewhat new here to this forum.  I have been reading various reviews and threads on width etc and trying to find the right new pair of skis for me.  So, I started to demo some skis this season to figure out what I liked.  

About me..

Female age 46/147 lbs..5ft 8.. been skiing since I was 5 but did the work/kid thing break for 10 years and now have been back on the slopes for the last few years.  I ski much more aggressively than I ever would have thought at my age, but I am having a blast.   I ski about 30ish days a season and (smile) at least 12 without my young kids.  I am skiing on the East coast on Black groomers advanced/exp with the occasional tree escape so I'd call me an 80/20 on piste.  


So, I have been steered by the men I ski with  more towards Volkls and have started there.  I have demo'ed the 

Volkl Kenjas-interesting, nice but…I wonder if a tad wide

Volkl Alluras -nice stable/reliable not very interesting

and last week the Volkl RTM 81s 171s


I have to say so far I liked the RTMs .. 

I walked out of the shop and carried them to the slope and said to myself.. wow, these are heavier I wonder if too much for me.  However, once on the slopes I did not notice the heaviness of the ski.  However, I had this feeling when I was on top of the ski where I felt a momentum gaining arc of a good carve in a different way, it was fun.  I apologize I don't know the terminology or can't put it into a better description.  Is it reverse camber or the slightly rocker tail that gives it that pop at the end of the carve/turn?  Regardless, I wonder if there is another ladies' ski that might have similar technology?  I couldn't find it amongst Volkl but maybe another brand?   I had hoped to try the Blizzard Viva 8.0 but the shop did not have them. 


Any thoughts of others that might be recommended for me to try?

Thanks in advance.  


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Paging @Trekchick 

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Check out the Volkl Yumi.  83mm underfoot, perfect for East coast skiing.  Very light weight.

My wife just got a pair and LOVES them (coming from 2010 Nordica Drive).

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Demoed all those skis too in search of an 80-20 ski for the Rockies.


If you liked the Kenja and the RTM, then I doubt you'll like the Yumi. IMO, Yumi skis very differently. That said, no harm in trying it and I'm sure others here will disagree. But then that's why demo is so important.


For what it's worth, I fell in love with the Scott "The Ski". It has all the maneuverability and confident edge hold without all the weight. They are making a narrower version for next season too.


Phil is the resident expert on The Ski and might chime in.

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Thank you for the suggestions.  I enjoyed the Kenja but felt possibly too wide for me and my traditionalist carving style?  I was given the impression the Yumi would be more intermediate and less a hard driving ski?  I could be wrong on that.


(When there is a video with a 22YO reviewer on Youtube calling the Yumi the ski she would recommend for her mother…Yikes! have I gotten to that category?  Maybe so)..I know its personal and maybe I will test drive it.  


 I will look at that Scott ski.  Thank you.

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There are so many good skis out there and it often boils down to personal preference and skiing style.  I am very similar to you in height/weight and probably ski a bit more bumps and terrain than you indicated.  I love the Nordica Nemesis and Helle's Bells.   They can rip on the groomers and are easy to edge but are forgiving enough in bumps. They rip through crud fairly easily.   Is it the ski or the skier or a combination?


I am not a Volkl or Rossi fan but I know many women love them. 


Since you have been out of skiing, I would suggest trying as many as possible of different brands to figure out what you love.

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