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Review: Tecnica 2014 / 2015 Cochise Pro 130 Boots

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Shell Size Tested: 25.5

Width: 98mm

Flex rating: 130

Ski tested with: ON3P Jeffrey, Volkl Kendo

Footbed: Custom

Modifications: None


*Location of review: Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, The Canyons, Deer Valley

*Runs Taken: 120 - 150

*Snow Conditions: Powder, crud, hard pack, soft groomers

*Demo or Own: Own


Tester Info:

Age: 34

Height/Weight: 5' 11" / 170 pounds

Average days on snow: 25+

Years Skiing: 6-15


Aggressiveness: Moderately aggressive

Preferred Terrain: off piste


As someone who frequently hikes to lines or stashes when resort skiing and also tours occasionally, I was a huge fan of the original Cochise Pro 130 as it enabled me to use one ski boot for all of my skiing without feeling like I was compromising performance on the downhill.  With the 2014/15 version, Tecnica/Blizzard has taken a great boot and found a way to make significant improvements.


While there were quite a few small tweaks (detailed here: http://tecnicablizzardexperience.com/cochise2014/ ) I'm going to focus on the changes that to me were most apparent.


First is the fit.  The original Cochise Pro 130 wasn't a bad fit, in fact, for someone like myself with a very high instep it provided an ideal amount of room with a high lower shell.  When I saw that this new version was a bit tighter in that region I was a bit concerned, and the buckle over my instep could barely close without too much pressure.  This turned out to be beneficial, as with the lower shell having a tighter natural fit to my foot I barely felt the need to buckle the bottom two buckles and could still maintain a high level of performance.  The asymmetrical toe box provides more room in the sixth toe area, which was great news since I actually had to have the previous ones punched to avoid overly-squished toes, and even then would experience occasional discomfort on colder days.  The ankle and heel hold is a bit more snug without being uncomfortable and overall these boots seem to fit my feet quite naturally - even when first breaking them in my feet weren't being punished.


The other improvement that was more noticeable than I would have anticipated is the increased range of motion when in walk mode.  Tecnica/Blizzard says the range has increased by 8% but it almost feels like more than that.  I have yet to go skinning in these boots but I hiked quite a bit at Alta and The Canyons and my legs and feet were more comfortable when trudging up the boot pack because I could stand in a more upright, comfortable position and relieve that forward pressure on my calves and shins that makes hiking in regular ski boots so horrible in comparison.  The old model wasn't bad in this regard, but these felt just a little more natural.


Everything I loved about the original Cochise Pro 130's remains unchanged.  The easy to switch walk mode pull tab, the convenient top power strap buckle, the option to swap out DIN soles for tech if needed, and of course the feeling of a 130 flex boot that you can also tour and hike comfortably in.  As far as durability goes, only time will tell, but these seem like they're going to hold up a little better over time.  Especially the liner, which was more difficult to slide back in the shell on the old version and had a soft rubbery bottom that started to get chewed up quite a bit after only several removals and insertions.  The 14/15 model has a tougher material and the back spine of the boot doesn't snag it when sliding them back into place.

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Nice review, sounds like you are one of the lucky ones getting to try them out early.


What's the weight comparison from last years?


Top of the cuff still huge? Any tweaks to the walk mode mechanism that you notice?

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They seem a little lighter and the specs seem to indicate that's the case.


The top of the cuff area is a bit smaller and the spoiler is built into the upper shell.  I have soccer player calves so it wasn't a big deal for me before, but I also don't have to crank down on the power strap as much so that's nice.


The only difference that I can tell on the walk mode is on the exterior spine of the shell there's no longer a lip to catch the upper part as it slides down (as you straighten up) - which may contribute to the increased range of motion.  See here:


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WOW, thats a lot of orange. Did they feel any stiffer? I was hoping for a new universal sole that works with tech bindings and DIN bindings sorta like the K2 boot soles.

Thanks for the review.

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I don't know if they felt stiffer, exactly, but the tighter fit could definitely give that impression... if that makes sense.  At this point I have 8 days on them and they do ski better overall.  More control with less clamping down.

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These would be too stiff for me, but I am going to check the Cochise 110 soon.  


Good review!

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is there any change between 14/15 and 2015/16?

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They upgraded the liner for 2016 to the C.A.S. liner.

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

They upgraded the liner for 2016 to the C.A.S. liner.


What does C.A.S. stand for?

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Originally Posted by DanoT View Post


What does C.A.S. stand for?

Custom Adaptive Shape- it's really easy to work on and Tecnica claims it packs out much less than traditional liners.


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Are the tech soles from either the 2015/2016 or the 2014/2015 (orange models) compatible with 2013/2014 model? 

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Quite like the original Cochise, which I bought three years ago as a one boot to do all.  I did find that there was insufficient heel hold to use as a serious touring boot (other than weight and articulation issues). Hence, Cochise have been replaced with Scapra Maestrale for touring.  The Cochise have replaced my Lange Comps for pure alpine duty.  Nice and comfortable in that role and more than enough power to drive my alpine skis (Stockli Laser SC, SX, Stormrider XXL & Kastle BMX108), but not enough canting to replace the Lange Comps for gate running.  Was a good all round boot, so if made better, even better.

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