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Increasin cuff cant

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I've posted on this before and wanted to follow up with another question about the remedy.

I'm knock-kneed but when athletic stance and flexing my knees track straight if not out a little. This puts the center of my knee over the center fo the boot line...maybe a bit medial.

However, if you look down at my lower leg in the cuff (liner out) there is 2x the room on the lateral side of my leg compared to the medial. As expected, sking on one ski its an effort to transition to the outside edge. I gues thats not the worst thing but...

So, is there a way to modifiy the cant adjustment on the boot (cam style)? Or should I just pad the lateral inside of the cuff? Outside of the liner? What material?

Boots are '12/'13 Nordica FireArrow F1s.

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Going about it all the wrong way reconguy.  Get with a good boot fitter and get it done right the first time.

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To offer a more complete answer, sounds like your frontal plane needs some assessment and adjustments.  This process should begin with an appropriately posted footbed, then cuff adjustment to achieve equal spacing with lower leg, then under the boot sole canting to move the knees where they need to be.  This should be addressed in this sequence to gain the best results.  Good luck.

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