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salomon impact 10 heel pinch

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I got some good leads on skiis in another thread, hoping for some insight on boot fit here...I've been using these boots a few years and if I spend much time in them, my left foot, just above the heal gets quite painful...I've been to a fitter, they removed/shaved down extra custom sole and even blew out a little and nothing seems to help much...It feels like the "pinch" point thats should be supporting or around the achilles, is to low and pinching top back of heel....my feet are flat and relatively skinny...any ideas?...thanks again!

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post a picture of the affected area???  sounds like it might be a pump bump (maybe)


What size feet?


what size boots?



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hey mike, I'm usually within a half size of 10.5 and thats what these boots are...affected area is 1" up from bottom of heel and about 3/4" both sides of achilles....was not familiar with pump bump but looked it up and thats not it but thanks!

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do you have any pressure anywhere else in the heel area?    Cuz you need some pressure back there.   any chance that the boots are too big, and the ONLY spot with pressure if that sore ppint?    Do you need the pressure to balanced and have some elsewhere too?


just seems strange that if you are in a 10.5 boot, you might be in a big boot anyways, and that shell stretching has not worked.

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If you are a size 10 1/2 you would measure 27 Mondo at a ski shop, but a 10 1/2 boot is a Mondo 28.  Seems stupid I know but I'm correct.  You say you have a low volume foot and you are skiing a very high volume boot.  I'd try on some with lower volume at a good shop.



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thanks again guys!...I'm suprised to hear that boot is high volume...its a %$#@!*& getting my foot in it!....WTF did the supposed "expert" bootfitter not know that was the sitiuation...I specifically went to that shop because the guy was SUPPOSED to be very good..Hmmmm, guess thats why they sold me the extra footbeds...it was the sno haus in huntington, ny...If I was to look for a new pair, any recommendation on LI? or between there and hunter mt? or even a specific boot to try?

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oh yea, if it matters, I have pretty flat feet
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