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Hello to all,


I am looking for an all mountain ski that's good for quick and short turns, mainly skiing on the edge of the trail, going through some moguls and occasionally going through the woods if there's some powder.  And sometimes do some intense short turn carving also. 


Is it possible to find a good ski for these needs that is LIGHTWEIGHT???


I guess more or less a 65% trail 35% off trail.


I am an east coast skier and I don't go out when it's icy, but the real powder days are not that frequent.


I used to have a Salomon Scrambler Hot, 166cm, R15.6, and I loved it!  I could do all that I mentioned above easily.  


And the ski was LIGHT!!  (to bad the ski got old…)


Yesterday I spent the day skiing on a pair Dynastar Outland 87 and I found the ski very heavy and it was very tiring to do short turns.


The ski just wants to do long turns.  It's a bulldozer, very strong and powerful ski, great edge on ice, but it's not what I'm looking for.



Some people in ski shops say that a ski with an 87mm width will never be quick and won't be good for short turns...


Others have also said that I would not notice the extra weight of a ski….NOT TRUE!


Because, with my salomon scrambler hot, I used to be able to hop easily from a fluffy mogul to another and with the Outland 87 it was more demanding and more tiring.



SO…What do you think?  Any ski recommendations?


I have found the atomic nomad blackeye ti, it seems good but it's HEAVY...




Anything similar to the atomic blackeye ti but LIGHTER?!


Should I look for a flat ski and get light weight bindings? which one? (marker squire 90?)


K2 Amp rictor 82??

Nordica Burner 84??

Volkl RTM ??

Salomon enduro XT 850 ?? 

Amphibio Waveflex 82 XTi ??


All the skis above are in the right category but I don't think many go them are LIGHT!


I am 5'10 / 165 lbs / 38 years old / advanced skier


THANKS in advance!!!




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Blizzard Bushwacker 


the Nordica NRGYs...

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Thanks Josh!


Wow…the Nordica NRGY'S seem very interesting and tempting but 2015's...




The Blizzard Bushwacker seems to have a relatively long radius and since it has 88mm underfoot wouldn't it be 


harder to make short turns than with a ski with something more around 82 or 83mm?


Maybe if I take it in the 166cm it would be more «zippy»…(I think most would recommend 173cm for me...)


But I think the Bushwacker's are lightweight…right?  (Blizzard website does not give much info…)


thanks again!

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1825g (per pair @180cm) for the bushwhacker??  whoa... that's very light!


With a pair of marker squire 90 bindings at just of 3 pounds a pair that's less that 8 pounds


for a pair of Bushwacker skis with bindings??!!??  really?? 



That's less than half the weight of most skis I listed in my first post!...

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short turns that are not SL turns have very little to due with the sidecut of the ski.  the bushwacker is a great short turner. 


I am on the 180s here and I am shorter than you with 10 extra lb. 


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Sounds Great Josh!


I will definitely look into the Bushwackers. I just saw that most people give them great reviews.


I checked out your Vimeo…That «point and chute» video is really nice!


Were is that?



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Originally Posted by alski75 View Post

Sounds Great Josh!


I will definitely look into the Bushwackers. I just saw that most people give them great reviews.


I checked out your Vimeo…That «point and chute» video is really nice!


Were is that?





that video is stowe. 

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I think there are 3 things to consider:
* Quickness edge-to-edge: if you get wider, it wont be as quick edge-to-edge
* Swing weight (the feel when steering the skis): if you get longer skis, there will be more swing weight
* Bind weight: if you get a sturdy binding, it increases weight

I ski a Dynastar Outland 80pro and I think its not a very heavy ski. I wonder if there is such an increase

You need to think if you want a similar ski to the one you have or a completely different one (a complementary ski, if you will)

Another thing, is that some ski heavyness improves the performance in mixed snow (with the stiffness, it reduces deflection)

The lightest skis I've tried were the Outland 80 and a Volkl Kendo with Marker F12

I suppose very very very lightweight and with the bias on offpiste you've mentioned then I would say it points to some touring skis, like Cham High Mountain, Vokl. Or some special series, like the Volkl V-werks code or the new rossi all mountain that will have honeycomb tip like the Soul 7.


But I think you would benefit better from a regular all mountain ski, a bit shorter

Good luck

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I was on the Brahmas but I keep breaking them :( I use to own a pair of 180cm Bushwackers
My girlfriend who is 140lb and 5'6 love her 166cm Bushwackers. The bush is a very light , extremely snappy and super playful. 
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The Bushwhacker is very good. Two skis that are even lighter are the Line "Flyte" and the Salomon Quest 90. Don't worry about the 90mm thing on the Sollie, it's graduated in width according to length and it's 90mm only in the longest size. (87-88mm in the short-middle sizes)



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Given the OP's "light is right" mentality, consider skis sold as "touring" not just the alpine line.  A lot of telemark and AT skiers like the Bushwhacker, suggested above -  so you might look at skis that were meant for tele or AT skiers in the first place.  The snow will not know what the marketing dept said, you can ski them at the resort just fine and sidecountry, that's what they're meant for.


Suggestions in the 80 - 85 mm range, good short turners:


K2 Shuksan or Backup (http://www.evo.com/outlet/skis/k2-backup.aspx#image=43356.Size.LengthCM_160_Image.jpg}).  I had the Shuksan for many years (78mm I think), used it for resort, side, and touring, they were quite versatile; good edge hold but supple and quick in 3D conditions or trees.  The Backup seems to have taken over this slot now -- 82 or 83mm with a little rocker.   


Surface Sherpa (76 mm in 172cm length, not 80mm, but whatever) - specs here: http://www.evo.com/outlet/skis/surface-sherpa.aspx and ridiculous deal here: http://www.surfaceskis.com/hardgoods/1213closeout/index.html ($199)


Black Diamond Stigma - this has been around many years, here's the current model:  http://blackdiamondequipment.com/en/skis/stigma-ski-BD11508100001761.html; the Clymb has last year's at $299, all sizes: http://www.theclymb.com/all/7008/snow-365-skis-boots-bindings-acc/show-product/27304?f=mi


Atomic Aspect: http://www.telemarkdown.com/store/atomic/13-atomic-aspect/ .  I haven't skied this one but have it's big brother 95mm waist Drifter - good light all rounder; holds an edge really well but fun in trees and soft stiff.  A little tip flap going mach speed on groomers is the only issue but that's part of the tradeoff with a light slightly rockered ski.  And it's not unstable, just a little unnerving.


PS - For what it's worth I had two similar Scramblers for many years - one tele, one alpine - I think mine were the "Scrambler Custom", the flat version of the OPs "Scrambler Hot". So I've got a good guess what the OP is seeking and feel pretty comfortable suggesting these, especially the K2s and Atomic touring series; the Surface and BD's I threw in just b/c they seem similar in intent and construction.

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Thanks everyone for you input!!!


I actually bought a slightly used pair of 2013 Bushwacker's yesterday and skied on them today!!!




This is exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for the recommendation Josh!!


Next time I will come straight to this forum instead of waisting countless hours talking to salesmen...


The ski felt very light, very responsive, playful and super quick edge to edge even tough is has 88mm underfoot!


(I don't remember the Scrambler hot (76mm) being faster edge to edge.)


The ski would also carve really well when I wanted to. 


This ski is perfect for me. 


I checked out the other skis out of curiosity. According to what I've seen on the net, the Line Prophete Flite ski is actually a bit heavier than the bushwhacker


(about a pound heavier)



JOSH:  Just out of curiosity what ski do you ski on now?


Thanks to all, this forum is awesome!



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Glad you like them! honestly I kinda of miss mine at least they never broke.


well I have a ton of skis.....


173cm Kastle MX83 (83mm wasit), great technical ski, not that awesome at blended short turns like hte bushwacker....

180cm Blizzard Brahmas(88mm) - great ski, like stiffer more crud worthy bushwacker, its got the same shape even does snappy short turns like the bushwacker, I jsut keep breaking it. Currently out of commision....

177cm Blizzard "the one"(98mm) a couple year old quicker turns, that use to be great on hardpack as well. my rock tree ski now

177cm Nordica Soul Rider (98mm) have not skied this yet, I am hoping it skis like mini Patron but I will get back to you today.....

185cm Nordica Patron (112mm) very fun wider all mountain ski, extremely grippy/turny on edge, good in bumps, awesome on groomers and in powder, medicore in crud unless its really lighter or extremely heavy and your on top anyways, the in between does not get along with the rocker profile of this ski. 

186cm Rossingnol Sickle (110mm) excells at anything except extreme hard pack, medicore on groomers but awesome in powder and lighter crud slithery in bumps/trees

192cm Rossi WC GS ski (65mm) hard pack GS turner

195cm PM gear Super Bro (91mm) GS and super G turner in any snow condition



right now I am sorely missing an 88mm ski, IMO this width does quite well around here. Going to see if blizzard warranties my Brahmas again, if not going to either buy a new brahma, or wait for the NRGY 90 from nordica to come out. I am also currently missing a real western style high speed open bowl crud ski. Going to be a Cochise or an El Capo for that. 

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BTW I think Jim was saying the Flite skis lighter, the bushwacker despite its light weight will work well even for expert who can patiencely wait for the edge to hook up, and not pivot the top part of the turn. 

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Alski - what size Bushwhackers did you get?

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Josh: That IS a ton of skis!!


ts01: I got the 173cm and I like the size..  At 5'10 / 165lbs I did not consider smaller or longer.

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Hello all,


I don't mean to hijack this thread but, its a similar situation I am in, so I figured I would keep it going.  As the op, I am also an East coast skier.  I spend most of my time skiing in jersey as I am only 15 minutes from the mountain.  The mountain is largely comprised of groomers and hardpack (ice). As of this writing,I am skiing a pair of 2010 Atomic Smoke Ti's (171cm) and a pair of K2 Sight Twin Tips (169cm) w/ Atomic FFG 12 bindings. I am a huge fan of the Smokes and a hater of the Sights.  With all that out of the way, I to am looking for a ski that is in the 80's underfoot.  I am a speed fanatic (not to the point of getting race oriented skis), love to carve and play in the park.  I am not a crazy park guy, but I do like moderate jumps.  My feeling is that the Smoke's hold their edge quite well and are very agile and quick.  On the other hand the Sights are very unstable, chatters when cruising and in my opinion do not handle crud very well at all.  I too was recommended the bushwacker by my local ski shop, but didn't think an 88mm underfoot would be good for the mountain I ski at.  I also felt that the edge to edge wouldn't be as good as say the smoke. (I do understand that the smoke is narrower, however it is heavier). 


I had been contemplating some other skis, but the lack of demos around here leaves me with suggestions and reviews.


-Blizzard Magnum TI 8.0 (179cm)

-Atomic Blackeye TI (181)

-Volkl RTM 84 - (176)

-Nordica Fire Arrow 84 Pro - (176)


Just touching on the Bushwackers for a moment, if I was to run with them, is there any reason to believe my Atomic FFG bindings wouldn't work.  As long as I have them, I will use them.


Let me know what you think and any questions you might have.  I have skied a number of other skis, but those were largely GS skis.  The most notable was a Volkl Doggen twin tip that I felt was excellent for the type of conditions here in Jersey.


Not that is matters but, I use Atomic Hawx 120 boots.


I appreciate all the help.





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