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Sugarloaf Resurrection?

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This guy Liko Smith is a douchcanoe.


Please share any information on Sugarloaf in Cedar, MI.

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Wow!! I hadn't heard anything about this. Is it going to exclude skiers?? That's not cool, surely they won't exclude skiers, it's just a big focus on the snowboarders I'm guessing.

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I wouldn't hold your breath.  Plans to re-open the Loaf surface every other season and so far haven't gotten anywhere.  Liko Smith himself promised to have the resort open for the 2010 or 2011 season, and that never happened so I'm skeptical that he'll pull it off this time.


Here's a refresher as to how we got here:



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There's a 'loaf FB page you can like... Local talk and posts... They've been talking about Mr. Smith for awhile. Meanwhile there's been enough snow that people are hiking and skiing. Great MI hill. Hopefully it will reopen one day... For everyone.
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I just read their "business plan" at http://www.therokatsugarloaf.com/update.html


If they accomplish 10% of what they are shooting for I'll be quite surprised.

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I'll believe this when I see it.  Its going to take a major investment to even get that place up and running.  The facilities are in shambles and I can't even imagine what shape the lifts are in after sitting that long with no maintenance.

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Originally Posted by Skievh View Post



Any idea what he might be responding to?


I found this article (http://michiganboarder.com/archives/855 ), which sounds like it might provoke such a response, but it's from November. In it, he responds to a question:



So… why do you refuse to furnish an undeniable article of proof of ownership? That would just almost completely end all the gossip.

I have nothing to prove Benny, if someone doesn’t believe that I own it then that’s on them. I have the ownership and that’s all that’s needed for me to feel confident in moving forward.



Now, he says:


I will not arrive at Sugar Loaf until I am properly titled, the inspection report is completed and a plan is finalized to re-open Sugar Loaf as The RoK by Thanksgiving of this year that I can present to the County. AFTER I arrive, I will meet with my financiers and work out the financial aspects of making it happen for approvals within 30 days based upon the Countys’ comments. ...

My deal with the sellers is in place and has been for some time, they have an option to take a better deal if they find it...


So, in November he was saying that he owned it, and now he's saying that a deal is in place to buy it if the inspections work out and he can find financing.  I think we have a credibility problem here.

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