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Numbness and big toe pain - what to do next

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I have a pair of Dalbello Krypton Rampage boots I bought last year towards the end of the season and got about 6 days on. This year I'm on day 9 or 10 and dealing extreme numbness and big toe pain (toe bang, I guess they call it).


Originally the boots fit really comfortably and were a huge improvement for the big-box store boots I had before. I went back to the boot fitter once and he loosened the liner at the top of the foot on both boots because there was a lot of pressure there. I couldn't get the middle clamp down tight to secure my ankle and had a little bit of toe bang. The remaining 2 or 3 days last season were fine, but that was spring skiing and the weather was warm.


This season I starting getting very, very numb toes (to the point I was worried about frostbite) and he put me in some better insoles that supported my heals better, allowing me to loosen the middle buckle a little bit. He was concerned I was cutting off circulation to my toes. I loosened the buckle a little bit, but still had the numbness, and now have black and painful big toe nails on both feet. I'm kind of at a loss what to do next - I can barely walk, and feel like I wasted several hundred dollars on new boots. The boot fitter is from a well-respected ski shop, so maybe I'm just a special case. 


Some thoughts on where to go next:


1. Keep that middle buckle tight and go the toe warmer or hotronic route. I'm not sure this will do much good if the problem is circulation, but worth a shot.

2. New boot liners - my wife likes her Intuition liners. The Dalbello liners were never heat-molded to my foot, the boot fitter said that riding in them 3-4 times did the same thing and provided a better fit. I'm now second guessing that logic.

3. New boots altogether - I really, really want to avoid this. 


Any suggestions on what to do next?

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The center buckle on the boots you now have, not only pulls back on your ankle, it also pulls down on the instep.  If you tighten the buckle to


hold the heel back you cut off circulation and  put the foot to sleep.


A 4 buckle boot would not cause this problem---I see no way around your predicament, short of replacing the boot.


The reason the boot didn't hurt when new was that the liner was full (not compressed) and padded this area.


So if you stay in this boot you will suffer from a loose heel or cold toes.:eek Sorry.



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