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mounting tips for Explosives?

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I'm getting some '04 Explosives and will be mounting my Freerides on them. Suggestions on where to mount the bindings on the skis? I ski in the east, so tight trees, narrow chutes.
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I ski last years (wizard) with Freerides. I had skied them in deep powder with alpine bindings for a full season, loved them, figured the would be great for bc.

Anyway, I mounted them 1 cm forward of the mark. I didn't want the flat mount of the Freerides to put me in the backseat as much. Also, I use alpine boots with mine. I've been very, very happy with the set up!

Other than weight, they are great for skinning. I can ski pretty much up anything. Lots of traction under them things!
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cool, thanks. I have hear 1 cm forward is the way to go, you are the 2nd person to say that...
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Just got some Explosiv's myself and am considering mounting up the new Naxo over the freeride. Any comparison reports on these bindings? I'm concerned about pretty hard core downhill stuff on an AT binding, but have been hiking more and more lately and am tired of getting passed by AT skiers -should I be worried about mild drops on good snow(15-20 ft.) etc?
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-just found relevant Naxo threads. sorry, i'm new here.....
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You Might look at this post on the Mammoth Forums
Info about Naxo failure
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I haven't tried the Naxos, but I have skied the Fritschis both off-piste and inbounds in the northeast quite a bit and have had absolutely no problems. I spend some time in the park, and they have held up fine hitting the kickers (and ah, yardsaling several times). I actually don't even notice the difference from my regular alpine binders, except for the weight!

In terms of skinning, yah, they are a little clunky, but the adjustable heel lift to relieve the calfs for the skin up is really nice.

Probably couldn't go wrong with either. Fritschi set the bar, but it looks like (from overall what I've read) Naxo has met it.
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Originally posted by MammothCruzer:
You Might look at this post on the Mammoth Forums
Info about Naxo failure
Thanks for the link! Think I'll wait for reports on the 04/05 model and buy in the fall. Looks like I'll be taking my piston 1400's to SA this summer -guess I'll have to consider double drilling my new boards, damn.
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