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SLC to Wilson (Jackson Hole) tomorrow.

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I'm flying into SLC and renting an SUV tomorrow, then driving up to Wilson, WY. I read a multitude of threads here and on TGR forums, and it seems like the route described below (Soda Springs/Freedom) is great, but maybe not if there's been a lot of snow. I know the mountains have gotten dumped on, but it looks like maybe the valleys have seen quite a bit less. What kind of road conditions can I expect right now? The WYDOT webcams all show the major roads as being snow-covered, but pretty well plowed. Would ID-34 be similar?







Through Soda Springs, ID and Freedom, WY. Many locals think this is the quickest route.

Take the I-15 North out of Salt Lake City towards Pocatello, ID.
Turn Right at US-30 to Lava Hot Springs, Lund, and Soda Springs, ID
In Soda Springs, turn left at 3rd E. Street, which is ID-34.
You will be on a bridge crossing the Railroad tracks.
In about a block turn right on E. Hooper Ave. (part of ID-34)
ID-34 bends to the right at Greys Lake
As you enter Freedom,turn right on County Line Rd.
Continue less than a mile, and then turn Left at WY-239
Continue for about a mile and a half, then Turn Left on US 89 just after passing Freedom Arms.
Bear right at the US-26/ US-89 junction continuing North to Jackson on US-89
Bear left at Hoback Junction continuing North on US-89/ US-191
--> Note: if you're going to Teton Village, take a left at WY-22 just as you enter Jackson; then, turn right at the Moose-Wilson Rd./ WY 390.


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Did that route from SLC to JH a few weeks ago.  Even then there was snow on the road after Soda Springs.  The advice we got from local Bears was avoid the Idaho valleys if there are snowstorms because the wind causes snow to pile on the roads.  Even there were no weather issues when we drove back to SLC, we took US189 to I-84, going by the Fontenelle Reservoir and thru Kemmerer.  Timewise it was about the same since there really wasn't any mountain driving at all.


We stayed at the Aspens, which is more or less in Wilson.  Highly recommend Nora's Fish House for dinner.  Just at the base of the road that goes over Teton Pass to Grand Targhee.


Have fun!

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I lived in Soda Springs for 9 years, and took that route all the time. Wind is typically not a problem except between Lava (Fish Creek Pass) and Soda Springs. The road from Soda to Freedom is fairly well protected against wind, but is not a major travel route, and gets plowed accordingly. If you've got a good car with decent tires, it's a non-issue.

It will be freaking cold this week, however. Try out Lava Hot Springs pool on your way through - it's awesome.
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