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AT setup

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looking at purchasing first ski for At.looking at atomic tmex or rex which would be better and why?use k2 xr 174 and k2 xp 181 for inbounds usewhat would best size be for At use.Will prob.setup with naxo binding.
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I was considering exploring the world of AT skiing since I will be moving shortly to an area (NY) with more backcountry to explore. I am currently on 170cm R9s and will be getting 176cm Head Mojos this offseason and I am 5'11" and 175lbs (or will be soon) and an upper intermediate/lower advanced skiier. I know that I have a ton to learn, but I would like to simply ask your advice on an AT setup for a competent skiier looking to start venturing into the backcountry - thanks.
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If you're just skinning occasionally, take a light midfat in length about your own height.
In case you consider real ski mountaineering with huge ascents: most skiing manufacturers provide special AT skies, they are extremely lightweight (and not really fat due to the weight issue) which means considerably less fatigue and more pleasure in the long run.
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Definitely check out Black Diamonds line of skis, the Mira is light and an allaround mountain ski, crossbow a little heavier but beefier. I'm looking at the Havoc right now myself, BDs fattest twinnie, performs well on piste and off.
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I just got a pair of TMEX, Dynafit bindings are being mounted right now, I plan to take them out for a day of backcountry skiing near Whistler on Wed. I'll let you know what I think of them, I think they'll be great, a bit stiffer then your average tele/AT ski, perfect width for an "every" condition backcountry ski, and still pretty darn light.
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You gear whore, what was the matter with the Volkls'? :
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tmex lighter, softer, prob. better if you're lighter and ski mostly soft snow. rex heavier, stiffer, better if you're heavier and will spend lots of time on hrdpck. 177cm for either one.
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yo ski_rick

That happened on Saturday. Conditions should be a lot better on Wednesday. I'd play hooky and join you but Im nursing a sore ankle
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Xdog1 - I have infinite excuses for why I need more skis Actually, after skiing the Volkl Outbacks in the backcountry a few days early this month I decided I needed a beefier ski for when I'm really pushing it on the downhills. Fat is better! The TMEXs are stiffer and 13mm more underfoot. Amazingly, really not that much heavier either, although I'll probably take the Volkls for the 7000 foot climb up Mt Adams in June. I really like Atomic skis too.

LeeL - Sorry to hear about your ankle, let's do it some other time though, I'm a year into this touring thing and love it, need more partners!

Afraid our tour today was canceled as the Harmony and Peak chair were both still closed at 10:00, we all decided to try again tomorrow. Fun powder day on Whistler though (Harmony opened just a bit after we all split up of course), deepest "6cm" I've seen in a long time (boot top deap in the Harmony Bowl).

I did get to try out the TMEXs today though and so far so good. It's a STIFF ski for a touring/tele ski, yet is still amazingly light. I think I'm really gonna love them, I wouldn't buy the REX for touring because you're worried the TMEX isn't enough ski, any little bit you loose in the TMEX downhill you'll make up for with the extra energy you have since you only had to drag those lighter skis uphill.

Really, my main piece of advice to anyone looking at the TMEX would be to realize that it's A LOT of ski, especially compared to the other tele/touring specific skis I've skied. I would think it would be a lot of ski to try to drive with a tele binding.
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