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A Wolf Creek weekend

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Winter is back at Wolf Creek. The early season opened with a bang, but January was dry until the last day of the month, when a 40" storm started to hit the mountain. I had some fun experiencing stuff like this at 2:00 in the afternoon...


The snow was great, but we also got to share the storm with some special people. @Mom brought her friend Lisl out to Wolf Creek after their Winter Park plans fell through when the passes started closing.


Mom getting after it on Jaybird


Lisl is not capable of making an awkward turn.




Together they joined up with my wife (Callmijane on Diva), who has always felt shaky on powder.  And instead of getting in every single run they could on a very fine deep day, they slowed things down to work with her...


On Pole plants.


And facing the upper body down the fall line.



And suddenly my wife was getting it and making turns like this.


And this.


And this.


And even to charge straight down the bore of a chute like this.



It felt like we had some friends come to visit for the express purpose of giving my wife the best powder day ever.


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We all had some great fun on Jaybird (jump cuts to take out the instruction).


And then some more fun on chute one before tackling this chute on the lower mountain.


After her breakthrough, my wife needed a rest, using lots of muscles that were not used to being used. So Mom, Lisl and I skied a few off Alberta chair, including a secluded mellow untracked lap in the Serendipity area, and then a distinctly NOT mellow run in Waterfall gate 5, with great steeps, tight trees, and knee deep snow.


Did a few more with my wife Anne, and then she was done. Me, not quite yet.  The snow had picked back up, so I started hitting some of the less traveled shots, like Little Moka here.


And then Sunday rolled around with a bluebird day, and my wife had a goal- to ski in the notorious waterfall area.


So we shared a chair with Mom and Lisl for a pep talk, and I took my wife through the gate.

Into 3-5 feet of untracked, wind loaded snow.


What a great slash turn that first one is.


By this point, a snowboarding co-worker of mine shows up, and we decide to hike out on Knife Ridge.

Over the stairs that look like this.


To traverse the cornice that looks like this.


And the cat shuttle is running, so I grab  a rope to get up to Horseshoe Bowl.


And then we ski... Something. The video of that descent is the one that leads this thread off, but I am torn by a promise to my co-worker that I would not name his "secret" on the internet.  So let's just say that you can access other great deserted inbounds terrain from the Horseshoe Bowl cat and leave it at that. ;)

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Looks like a blast!

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Great stuff, save some fresh for spring break.
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Had a wonderful time with Anachronism and his wife. Lots of soft snow and good times!

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I've skied WC many times and it seldom disappoints.  I've already started planning to get back there this December.  Nice vids too ...

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