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Which leg muscle gets used while carving?

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I was taking lessons on my trip to PCMR and almost all day I was on the edges. 

Towards the end of the day, I feel one of my leg muscles was overworked most than any other muscle. 


e.g towards end of the day, I was unable to stay parallel at all or edge my skis. But if I switch to wedge style basic stuff, I will feel so relaxed since those sets of muscles weren't used much.


Hence I wonder, which muscles is most worked while carving/edging the ski so I could work extra on that muscle.

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As a beginner/ lower intermediate, chances are you're relying heavily on your quads to the exclusion of everything else. At the highest levels, a lot goes on from the knee down and around the core. You'll still use your large muscles but you'll also be more 'ski fit', and able to carry forces with a correctly aligned and balanced skeletal structure, so you won't feel the over reliance your glutes and quads.
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