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Progressor vs Motive

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Sad to say, I'm ready to retire my RX8s after this season. I have absolutely loved these skis. I really like the feel of Fischers (I have a pair of Watea 94s too) and am looking at the Progressors or the Motives as a replacement.

My stats: male, 5'11", 225, level 7 skier. Ski almost exclusively in VT, so hard snow / ice performance is a must. I stay mostly on groomers, but will venture into the bumps on occasion. I like to carve as well as make short turns. I guess I'm looking for a frontside ski that will handle typical New England conditions.

After doing a bit of research, I'm leaning towards the Progressor 900 in 175. It seems to me be the logical step from the RX8. I'm thinking at my weight I should be able to manage the stiffness of the 900s, as well as give me the grip on ice/boilerplate. My one concern is that they will be much heavier and less nimble than the RX8.

That being said, the Motive 80 sounds interesting. Handles like a carver, but a bit more versatile in the bumps and crud. True? Or is it more of a case of jack of all trades, master of none? In other words, am I going to hate these on those wind blown icy days that are all to familiar in VT?
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So I have a lot of time on both the RX-8s and the Motive 80. Although I like both skis, I would not call the Motive a good replacement. It's extremely versatile and really shines in softer conditions but is not a great hard snow carver.  I don't have any experience with the Progressor. If your looking for a solid carver check out the new Head Magnum. The Rally isn't far behind and is more versatile. 

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I just purchased Motive 80's this year.  I've only skied 6 days on them so keep that in mind as your reading this.


I think your idea of them being a jack of all trades, master of none is about right.  I've only skied them in Michigan so far.  Our conditions are pretty similar to yours. I would also classify myself as a level 7 skier. They're fairly lively.  They do well on windblown hardpack/ice (definitely not as well as a true carver), but they hold an edge well enough IMO.  They've been great on softer snow.  I've had no problem steering them in the trees.  The tip rocker helps cut through crud and soft snow piles nicely.  They seem to handle pretty well in the bumps, but I'm a terrible bump skier so I wouldn't take my word on that.  Also, I'm not a speed demon so I can't speak to their top end, except to say that I haven't hit it. Search Motive 80 on this site and you'll find an indepth review DawgCatching did on them.  Its from 2011, but I believe its basically the same ski.


I was torn between the Motive 80's and the Head Rev Pro 80's.  I honestly ended up going with the Motive's because I got a great deal on the 2013 model from The House.  The Head's were going to cost me almost twice as much.  I've been happy with them and don't regret my decision.  I would like to demo the Head rev 80's at some point just to compare.

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I had a pair of RX8s and currently have a pair of Progressor 8+ and Motive 88.  Here's my take on all three.  I really enjoyed the RX8 as it had good grip, forgiving and pretty versatile.  When it came time to replace them, I looked for something comparable and the Progressor 8+ looked like it.  I was right.  Felt comfortable on them the first run and had all the grip of the RX8 with more versatility.  A very good bump ski and better soft snow performance.   I picked up a pair of Motive 88s last spring to replace a pair of Dynastar Legend 8000 to use on days with fresh snow and take out west on vacation.  I was not expecting them to be as good as they are on firm eastern conditions.  Not as quick turning as either the RX8 or Progressor 8, but grip is close and of course with the increased width and tip rocker, much better is fresh snow and spring conditions.  Ok in bumps too.  I could be happy with the Motive 88 as my only ski.


The Progressor 900 has been on my short list to replace the P8+.  I did demo a couple of skis this season at Killington including the new Fischer RC and the Head SS Rally.  I liked both and either would be a good replacement for the RX8.  Of the two, I liked the Head Rally better. 


Note I am a little shorter and lighter than you (5'8" and 155) and a level 8/9 skier.  Ski 50-60 days a season in Vermont and Colorado.

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Are we twin sons of different mothers?  I'm a bit lighter but close enough.  Ski almost exclusively at Magic and Killington (mostly Magic).  I absolutely love my Watea 94s for softer snow and variable conditions but was in search of a hard-snow ski this year.  Used to ski on the RC4 WC RCs (GS cheaters) and loved them but they wore me out and were all but unskiable in moguls. Got rid of them 5 years ago.  I posted a thread a couple of months ago and got over 100 responses before deciding on the Progressor 950s (last year's model).  Absolutely love them.  They rip on hard snow, carve loud powder like there's no tomorrow, have great energy but don't punish if (when) I get lazy.  Had a close friend that skied my Progressors and then demo'ed the Motives the next day.  Night and day (according to him) and he wasn't praising the Motives.  He described them as "dead" compared to the Progressors.

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Progressor 900 is the ski that you are after.  Super easy to carve, great edge hold (even on ice), very high speed limit, will handle short radius and long radius turns easily.  It is the spiritual successor to the RX8 in Fischer's line.


Love the Motive 80 as well, but it is better suited for softer snow.  It will hold on hard(er) snow, but doesn't have the tenacity that the Progressor does.  Very good ski for bumps and western groomers, but not a stellar ski on ice.

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Thanks everyone. Just wanted a reality check.

Does it make sense to explore other skis in the Progressor line, say the 800 or the 1000?
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The Progressors and Head's Supershape series have always occupied the same spot in my mind.  A family of hard snow biased carvers tending towards carving all mountain skis at their widest.


Since you have a particular ski in mind it would make sense to demo the 900 before buying - you'll likely be able to net off the cost of the demo from the price of the ski (assuming you're buying from the store in question).  Once you're demoing the 900 it should be a snap to take a few laps on the 800 and 1000.  You never know how you'll like them 'til you try.


Good luck.

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So I demoed the P900s and thought they were great.  More heft than my RX-8s and more stable at speed which I found to be a good thing.  Great grip on the hardpack and boilerplate? Not as playful as the RX-8s though, which is probably the only negative thing I could say about them.  Almost pulled the trigger, but started looking at the Blizzard Magnum 8.0ti and was intrigued. Great reviews but I'm not so sure about rocker in a frontside east coast ski. Any thoughts on how the Magnum compares with the Progressor, especially in typical hard snow conditions on the east coast?

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The 2014 and later P900's also have tip rocker (very little, though). As do the Magnums, by the way. So rocker shouldn't be a big difference between the Blizzards, Fischers and Heads, I think.

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You sure about the rise on the '14 p900? Thought is was only now being added to the 2014-2015 this new model year....

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When I posted this comment, I found the info on the Fischer website. They renewed it since, so now only the info on 14-15 models is available. If I look-up the 2013-14 PDF catalogue, the entire Progressor-line isn't even in there. Strange, I have skied the ski and have compared it in a shop with the 12-13 model... It did have 'piste rocker' as Fischer calls it.


Here's a link to the 13-14 catalogue:

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" a bit " being the operative description. A very little
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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

" a bit " being the operative description. A very little

I just bought a pair of 2015 Progressor 900's. They're still at the shop getting the bindings adjusted for my boots. But a quick eyeball analysis indicated that their 'on-piste rocker' consists of about an inch of early rise in the tips.

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