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FX 94 quick review

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     I had a rare weekday (no crowds or lines...) on the slopes today at Stratton Mt. in southern Vermont.  No new snow and everything groomed.  My groomer skis are usually the Kastle RX SL or MX 88…both are awesome!  I bought a new pair of deeply discounted FX 94s (176cm) last year without a demo, but did not ski them until today.  I wanted to test out their groomer capabilities since my plan for them is to be the narrower pair of skis I take on trips to Utah/Banff. For me, the all-mountain ski sees much more action than fatter ski (one trip is always late March or April).  I'm hoping the FX 94 can be a great groomer ski as well as a great option for bumps and some soft snow.

     The FX 94s today made me very happy!  As many reviewers have said they are powerful without any feeling of heaviness.  They have less heft than the MX 88 and they have less pop/rebound out of the turn…but to me they seemed quicker overall because of how easy they were to maneuver/flick around.  Initially I was concerned that a 94mm waisted ski could not be a great carver that I could easily control.  It was both of those.  On the hard groomers today these skis were a lot of fun.  I skied them fast and aggressively, varied turn sizes, and basically did all I could given the conditions to test them.  Very happy with their performance and they will be replacing the MX 88 as my narrower travel ski.       (me:  5'11", 220, level 7/8)

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Nice summary on conditions that I know all too well. I picked up a pair of FX 84's of the same generation for the same reasons you got your 94's. I have the MX 78's in place of your 88's. I, too, love those but was looking for something with a bit lighter touch and flickable for tight Maine woods.



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