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I'm relatively new to this forum but have learned quite a bit just searching the posts.  I'm hoping to get some feedback on purchasing new skis and bindings.


 I was planning to buy  174 cm Blizzard Magnum 8.5 Ti's as well as Rossignol FKS 140 bindings to replace my "worn out" and "unable to "hold an edge on ice" K2 Apache Recons.  I've demo'ed  173 Bonafides and liked them but prefer to get something a bit narrower and quicker edge to edge. I demo'ed 173 cm Brahma's as well and they were nice in soft snow but unlike the Bones they were no better than my Recons in holding an edge on icy groomers. Part of the Brahma problem could very well have been that the base/edges were badly in need of a tune but the shop I rented from also said that the Bones should hold better on ice.   I typically ski 80-90% ungroomed but detest getting caught on an icy groomer w/o any edge control.   Based on reviews on this site I concluded that perhaps the Magnum 8.0 or 8.5 might be good choice for bumps and crud and an occasional groomer.


When I went online to buy the 8.5's I saw a pair of 8.5s with Power 12 bindings for less than what I was prepared to spend on just the skis.  I've not been able to find any info on this binding on the Blizzard website and the online retailer has not been able to give me any info other than they might be the same as the IQ bindings with a plate built into the ski.  Does anyone know any more about these skis/ bindings.  I currently have Marker Mod 14.0 bindings on my Recons in which the toe and heelpiece ride on a rail.  Unfortunately they no longer have a solid connection on the rail and both toe and heel piece wobble unacceptably.  I don't remember that they did this when new but I'm not sure I would trust the Power 12 bindings if it is a similiar system.  On the other hand the IQ system shows up on the Blizzard website for their race oriented skis?  One would assume that would be a reliable and rock solid ski/binding connection?


One other thought...  My original strategy was to buy the 8.5 Ti and if I felt I wanted something a bit wider for deeper/ heavier soft snow I would also buy the Bonafides.  Since I have to travel by air to ski, my thought was to then remount the bindings with inserts and carry only one set of bindings with two pair of skis.


Also any thoughts on 8.0 vs 8.5 Ti as part of a two ski quiver strategy would be welcome.



PS:  I'm 5'-9", 166 lbs, 61 yo, athletic and ski 10 to 15 days per year --  typically crud and bumps. If I can find light powder I do enjoy it even with my skinny Recons but  heavy snow / crud can be an awful lot of work and I avoid windblown.