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Putting an avalanche beacon on a dog

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Hey all,

I am interested in some general backcountry users input:

Ortovox just recently introduced a doggy avalanche transmitter (transmits only) that clips on their collar and transmits on the 457 Khz frequency (same as all transceivers that people are wearing). I am interested in what those of you who use the backcountry think about the need for dogs to have transmitters on, and further what you think about them having one on that transmits on the same frequency (457 khz) as the tranceivers all us humans are wearing? This is an important issue regarding our safety in the backcountry.

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I love my dog and would hate to lose him in a slide ,BUT ,I would rather locate my buddy than my dog .Time spent tracking down his beacon would be better spent on finding a person . Also , dogs seem to be pretty good at swimming out of slides .
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Your buddy chose to be there. Your dog came because he had no choice, and because he trusts you. It's no choice at all IMO.
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Mountainvert, find a pair of old 2.2 transceivers and attach one to your dog. Then you have a link to the dog but you can focus on people first. If you explain what you want it for and prove you have a "real" transceiver your local ski patrol may have quite a few of these around and might be willing to part with two of them for a case or two of beer. Then again they may have liability concerns and not be willing to cough them up.

Just remember - transceivers are a fool’s tool if you really believe they are for anything more than recovering bodies. Pick safe routes and don't ski when there are dangerous conditions. Maybe you and/or your dog will be recovered alive from a full burial but the stats are against it. You should always carry a transceiver but using it as insurance to ski dangerous ground is a serious problem.

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I posted this in the other spot. Please post only one thread:

Would you like to have an avalanche beacon on your dog?
Choose 1
yes 33% (2)
Would you put a 457 khz transmitter (same as people) on your dog?
Choose 1
yes 33% (2)

I see 2 people who I never plan to go backcountry skiing with! I love my dog, he is my best friend, but I'd be pretty upset if I dug out my dog instead of a person. Sorry, but human life is more valuable than a dogs.

Last time my dog went hiking, skiing, swiming, for a walk, to the mailbox, in the car, got fed, pretty much anything that I do, he wagged his tail so much that I could totally tell he was there against his will.
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Originally posted by ant:
Your buddy chose to be there. Your dog came because he had no choice, and because he trusts you. It's no choice at all IMO.
WTF? Your mind is a terribly wasted thing.
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