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Talked into different skis

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I ordered Atomic Blackeyes non-TI online, but was told they were out of stock.

The owner basically told me the Atomic Radon TI were better skis and would give them to me for the same price.


I agreed, but now a little worried about the skill level.  Most sites have the non-TI Blackeyes as an intermediate ski, while the Radon being more advanced. Also the ones I got are TI, so also worried about being too stiff.


Im pretty new to skiing but athletic, and can do blues in Vermont.  Ill basically be skiing on the east coast so on ice, etc.  Guy said Radon is good for this.

Sort of regretting it now.  Before pulling the almighty sticker off, think the Radon is a good ski for the east coast an intermediate?


just looking for a little piece of mind if anyone has an opinion.  Probably overthinking it.


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yes, the radon ti is a more advanced, stiffer ski with a narrower waist and is a great ski for on-piste conditions.  this will be a great ski to advance into.  the blackeyes are probably a better fit for you currently, but if you're working at improving as a skier, then the radon ti will be the ski you'll be happier with in the end.  if you're looking to stay in your current comfort zone, then the blackeye is the ski you want.  it depends on where you're headed in your skiing.


i'd recommend sticking with the radon ti, get a good side bevel to handle the icy groomers, get a few lessons, and enjoy!


Have a great season!


T - www.wasatchreport.com

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Numbers look good and will work better on ice, as long as you aren't complete beginner don't worry about it, the difference between intermediate and advanced skis aren't big, even atomic's own site peg them pretty close.

Go enjoy your new skis.
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If you have well beyond beginner and into intermediate, going for the advanced ski is ok.


The biggest difference going from beginner skis to advanced is the forgiveness vs responsiveness ratio.  Both can't exist at the same time.


Now is the time to start focusing on proper technique as the ski will be less forgiving to wrong or not enough input.  If you are moving up from a beginner ski it is more than likely the a good next ski, just requiring a little more work.  Long run this ski will help you develop and last you a lot longer than an intermediate ski..


Have fun and get slope time.



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