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Squad 7 , Super 7, or Soul 7 to compliment my Rossignol experience 88s

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Hello all


I'm 6'2" 225lbs used to race gs (and was a poor slalom racer)


so i live on the east coast and bought a pair of experience 88s in 178 cm after a demo which i loved them. these compliment my volkl 176 mm tigersharks (for the groomer only days)


After flying out to big sky and bridger bowl i realized the experiences 88s were good enough for groomers and i wish i had something with more float for powder days.

now i am a beast on groomers , average in glades / trees , below average in moguls (tend to avoid them). I am also what i would consider a novice in powder skiing. I didnt fall once at big sky or bridger but i definitly wasnt as good as my one friend or 50% of the crowd that i observed.



Now i cant really demo the Squad Super and Soul 7 and more the less demo them on a crazy powder day living in upstate NY.



So should i blindly get the


1. A Soul 7s 106 mm waist 17m turn radius

2. Super 7s  116mm waist 21m turn radius

3. Squad 7s 120 mm waist 29.5 m turn radius



I want another ski to pack with my experience 88s which i would use on everyday but the big powder days. part of me thinks the squad 7s to have the most contrast but that 30m turn radius scares the hell out of me. I also think the super 7s or soul 7s might be more forgiving and easier to manage. what do you think?



i also demoed the volkl gotamas in 178 but i will never buy a volkl product again due to a shitty rep from the inside edge ski shop in NY hell he didnt even work for volkl. The gotamas werent terrible.

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i like how the http://www.skinet.com/ski/gear/rossignol-super-7-2014 has good forgiveness .


im really between the soul 7 and the super 7 and length 180 or 188. everything i have is 180 and i figure if i go into the trees with deep powder i would enjoy the smaller length. i also havent had skis washing out in the back or the problems with that so i dont feel like i need to go longer even though most guys my size would get the 188.

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I have Super 7's to go along with my E88's. However, they're last year's ski and I think they've softened them a bit for this year. My friends who had been on Super 7's last year have gone to the Squads this year as they feel they're more like last year's Supers. With your size, I would be tempted to recommend the Squads over the Supers. I will say, don't bother with the Soul 7's as they're not that contrasted to the E88's.


Also, on the turning radius, if you're in powder with the rockered ski, it's different than if you were carving on firm snow. I wouldn't be scared off by that. Lastly, any of these are very good skis and it would be hard to go wrong.


My $.02 worth.


Edit to add: Also at your size, go with the 188. That may seem long but they ski short due to the rocker. I'm 5'11" and 185 and have 178 E88 and 188 Super 7. 

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turn radius will have nothing to do with turn radius in fresh snow in the treess. I have skied a 40 meter sidecut in the trees before and been fine....


I am 5'9 180lb and wouldnt even think about getting a super 7 that was not a 188. It skis short and is nimble. 

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I have this years Super 7's - no metal in them and re-designed tip/tail. I'm a tad smaller (ligheter by 35lbs) and wouldn't even think of anything shorter than the 188's. have not skied the Squad's

Demo it best - in powder not so certain the turning radius makes THAT big of a deal.
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anyone own the squads

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I know some people that know some people.... Check over @ TGR
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I ski the 2014 Squads. They are excellent in powder, chopped, and on groomers. No speed limit, no issues with chatter or top fold. Very quick and maneuverable for a ski this wide. Better in all respects than 2013 Squad. I'm 6'2", 225#.
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