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First pair of boots for a good intermediate skiier

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I am in the market for a pair of ski boots.  I would consider myself a good intermediate skier who skis blues with confidence and some blacks.  I ski the greens and easy blues a bit with my wife and son who is just learning.  I have been skiing off and on throughout my life.  I have never owned a pair of boots.  I am approximately 6'1" and 230 lbs.  I am looking into owning my own boots as I have read of the impact a properly fitted boot can make on ones ability to improve their skiing, which is what I want to do.  I have tried on several boots.  The ones I like the best and feel the most comfortable are the Dalbello Boss and Salomon X Pro 120.  Mondo 28.5 in both.  I personally like the Salomon better as far as fit but am just a little concerned that it may be too stiff.  I have never paid that much attention to boots before as I've always rented.  However, the boot fitter made the comment that I was "crushing" boot when I flexed it.  It sounded like he was engaging in a little hyperbole which I took to mean I was flexing it just fine.  I have tried these boots on at two different shops with different fitters and on different days so was difficult to remember how they compared to one another.  The Dalbello is around 100-110 and therefore theoretically a little softer.  Also, I realize that boot flex is not standardized and one manufacturer's 100 is not necessarily the same as another's.  Given this, my main questions are:


1: Does someone have a feel for the flexes of different brands and how they compare just from experience?

2: Given my height, weight, and self described ability level, does it sound reasonable that I would be ok in the Salomon X Pro 120s?

3: Are the X Pro 120s, being a more performance oriented boot, still comfortable/ok to ski the easy groomers with my wife and son?  Assuming one can handle them at all?  At the end of the day, I want a good all around boot for my ability level and type of skiing.


Again, both boots feel very comfortable out of the box and according to the fitters, I can flex them fine in the shop.


I realize the second question may be difficult to answer in this kind of a context.  I am mainly looking for another opinion before I drop several hundred dollars on a pair of boots.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the reply.  I apologize if I was asking an inappropriate question for this forum.  I am new at this sort of thing.  Perhaps one could offer me their opinion on these boots in and of themselves without taking into account anyone's feet or skiing ability in particular.  Is the Salomon X Pro 120 a lot stiffer than the Boss?  Is the 120 flex rating the stiffest or softest setting?


Also, if this is more appropriate for a different forum, please advise.  Once again, my apologies.

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120 is medium to stiff.   but each brands 120 will be a bit different and might flex more or less for each person.


but 80 is softer, and 120 is stiffer.



boots:  just about every company makes good boot,  its a matter of what fits best for you, and your foot, and skiing needs.    

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Flex questions are very difficult to answer.  There is no standardization as you mentioned and actual stiffness relative to the numbers can vary wildly and widely.   If both fitters say you are crushing the boot you probably are and might want to look at something stiffer although boots do stiffen substantially in the cold.


Ignore any and all manufacturers labels such as race or intermediate when trying to assess comfort.  The most comfortable will be the one that fits most correctly regardless of performance label.  For instance I have a "C" width foot.  "C" width in boots corresponds to 98mm last which is almost always called a race boot.  Still they are more comfortable for me than a wider boot which is always to loose, skis poorly and I must buckle it too tightly to hold my foot.



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Thanks for the advice Lou and mntlion,


That really helps me.  One of the things I was most worried about was getting a boot that was too "advanced" for me.  I did quite a bit of research online about boots and boot fitting and the different characteristics of ski boots which is where I was noticing how stiffer boots were usually rated for more advanced skiers.  When I went into the shop, the guy put me in the Salomon X Pro 120s after one of the other boots didn't fit me that well.  The boots fit very well out of the box, especially with the formed part over the navicular.  I liked the boot.  As I say, the only concern for me was "Is this too stiff a boot for my ability level?"  I went and looked at this specific boot online and noticed it was rated for expert to pro skiers, which I am not anywhere close to that.  After more reading and studying I have seen how flex ratings are relative and also that body weight and height, among many other things will affect how stiff a boot actually performs.  I called the guy back and reiterated that I am only an intermediate skier and expressed my concern, in an effort to give him an honest assessment of my ability level.  He said that it might take a little adjusting since I have always only used rental boots, which I read are usually really soft, but thought I would be fine once I got used to them.  I wanted to believe him and didn't really have any reason not to other than that he is also trying to sell me a boot.  I really don't mean to be cynical, just realizing that he has a financial reason to sell me a boot in addition to wanting me to get a good fit.  I expect no less from someone to whom I would try to sell something.  I was mainly looking for another opinion from someone with experience who is not also trying to sell me something.  Also realizing that many of these types of questions are difficult to answer over the net.


I wondered how much the skill level rating was marketing or at least the advertisers painting with a broad brush when they rate a boot for intermediate to advanced to expert based on stiffness, not taking into account all the other factors.  I didn't want to get boots just to get boots and end up with too stiff a boot.  If the rentals I've always used are really on the soft end of the spectrum, I figure any medium to stiff boot won't be too soft for my ability and comfort since they would definitely be stiffer than what I'm used to.  Seems like most of the threads on here about boot stiffness are generally in the vein people going from stiff boots to softer ones and  about debunking an apparently widely perceived notion that stiff boots are better for advanced skiers.  There are multiple examples of advanced to expert skiers going to softer boots.  Here I am, in effect, going the other direction.


Thanks again for your help!  It is greatly appreciated.  I live in the Dallas, Texas area and am going to Breckenridge in mid March with my family.  Can't wait to get on the snow!

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