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We are a small volunteer patrol (79) in the midwest- perpetually cash starved to do any treatment room improvements, training, etc.


Wondering what other patrols do for fundraising efforts?


Also, wondering if other patrols volunteer for other events during the summer months?  (marathons, triatholons, etc.)



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Our patrol hosts a big ski swap in late fall, and that pretty much funds the patrol.


We are starting to consider other approaches to fundraising, from a mailing to the ski area's customer list to a tin can at the food register. It would be nice if the ski area threw a few grand a year at the patrol, but again, that all has to be thought through. I personally would pay an annual membership fee to my patrol, but that would be as popular as summer among our crew.

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Raise your funds thru resort management. If your infrastructure or supplies are insufficient, they should pick up the tab. Approach them with appropriate presentation of needs, cost, lifespan, etc.
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