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Kastle MX88 Revisited from an experience

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So I am a major lurker on this site.  I love to see the reviews of all the brands and models.  I read all the magazines and watch the reviews on Youtube.  I don't just do it with skis but guns, saxophones, golf clubs, cars etc.  Anything I have an interest in I just love to read the specs on everything.  Im a sucker too as I buy way to much crap just because I am easy to sell to.  I have been especially interested in the pomp and circumstance of the Kastle Brand.  I have a pair of Blizzard Magnum 7.6.  I also have a pair of Shaggys.  They showed up at my office after my buddy Dr Steve and I had about 5 too many glasses of red and then went to a Warren Miller Film.  I forgot I bought them…its not as bad as the car I bought on Ebay that showed up and I didn't remember either.  I would have 20 pair of skis but I also have a little voice that keeps me in line..well its attached to a blond who I have been married to for almost 15 years and I sort of want to keep it that way.  


Back to Kastle, I m up at Boyne Mountain with my kids and that little voice, when I take a break I love to go window shop.  This time they had a pair of Kastle MX88 in 178 sitting there.  So this dude starts telling me all about them blah blah Kastle this….they are the Maserati of skis blah blah….little did I know he is the head golf pro and turned out to be a really cool guy who knew tons about skis.  Little did he know I have been reading every review and fact about that specific ski for three years.  He says to me take em out.  Wait.  What?  Seriously?  Yep he fits me up and I guess I was demoing them.  Real quick, Im 44.  I have been skiing since I was 11.  I went to some stupid camp with my Hebrew School and got bit.  Took 10 years off cause of life.  That voice told me she wanted me to teach the kids.  I have no idea what kind of skier I am.  I ski whatever the chairlift takes me to.  But I do try to stay on the steepest point of the hill and just do my thing.  I am turning into a middle age fat guy as I am about 5 8 190 ish.  My Magnums are 163.  I suspect they are a bit too short for me as I wash them out all the time and they just won't turn as much as I want them to.  I do like them though.  I have skied all over the country.   Sorry for the rambling…just trying to provide perspective.


So here I am with my holy grail ski at the top of Hemlock.  30 seconds later Im standing at the chairlift saying to myself…they are not really that good are they?  A few minutes later Im at the top of McClouth…30 seconds later I'm standing at the chairlift again.  Ladies and Gentlemen.  I have demoed a lot of skis.  This is the smoothest, most refined ski I have ever skied on.  I was very tired and a bit wobbly on my third run so I figured I would ride em a couple more times.  I pushed as hard as I possibly could.  It was absolutely unflappable.  FINALLY, a ski that would turn as much as I wanted it to.  I would push all my weight at full speed load it up and it just threw me from side to side.  My Magnums shudder a lot and just don't seem to …handle what I want it to do.  This thing was crazy.  The question always seems to be if they are worth the $1000.    I don't think they are.  I think they are worth $2000.   I wished Hemlock was about 3 miles long and steeper.  It was as if this ski was too much for the run.  I didn't say they made me better .  I was not asked for any autographs.  It did however do everything I wanted it to do faster, smoother, and more refined than any set of boards I have strapped on.  I am not affiliated with Kastle or any ski business.  I will buy a pair.  

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Going from a 163 to a 178 might be part of it, too.
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