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Buying Quality Used Ski's/Price

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I'm looking to get into sking(I'm 5'10'' and 190) and I stumbled upon these ski's in a thirft store. I already read an article from the Ski Diva and knowing good craftsmanship I'd thought I'd come here and talk prices. They look pretty good on the top, the bottom of the ski's show scratches but look somewhat lustry. After the old eyeball tets, they alright. I'm not sure if the bindings are good or not, and not sure how to check camber. How can I tell what model they are?


My question, what does a good pair of used LOOK ski's go for? Do these normally include the boots? Here's an okay picture below. The store was asking $50 originally, seems kind of high! and it's been marked down to 34.96. Thoughts? I know this isn't doesn't show the bottom of the ski's and the edges, I'll try to upload more later.




Oh and thank in advance!

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skis are like electronics. age matters too.  


What you have there is like an 8-track.  


If you want a sports equipment analogy it's like buying a wooden tennis racquet

It is worth $0, or perhaps $5 for someone who wants to use it for an art project.

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Welcome to EpicSki.  Look has not made skis in quite some time so those skis are very badly out of date.  The bindings are probably no longer on the indemnified list meaning no shop will adjust them or test them to determine if they do what they were intended to do.  The boots, if they're included, are no doubt pretty much shot and not worth anything at all.  The skis could be used to make a chair if you had several more pairs of old useless skis to go with them.  Rather than waste money on junk, just go to your local ski area and rent skis, and take a lesson.  Some ski areas, like my home area, have package deals for first timers that include the gear rental, lift ticket and lesson.  

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Those bindings killed Shane McConkey.
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That bowling ball would probably be safer to ride...

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There's nothing wrong with buying used equipment. I've only ever purchased three or four new pairs of skis in my life, and only one was current to that model year. You just need to be aware of what you are buying.
I don't mind buying used skis. That just means they're cheaper and I don't mind hitting rocks with them.
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