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Iron Blosam....my home away from home Week 10 every March since 1996.Thumbs Up 

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More photos from the gathering.

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You are missed!


This has been one great week! Thanks to team Grump for a great  apre ski party. 


Legs say they have one more day left in them!

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Great to get to meet you all.  Thanks for the guiding, the companionship and the warm welcome!   A few quick pix below





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We had a great time. Trish got to meet a lot of you bears for the first tine.

Kudos to Jim for a great SLC gathering. We're driving home today over Donner Pass.

Hope that the "R" word is not needed Sat or Sun at Tahoe or LCC/BCC


here's a good ski weather resource for Utah:




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Great time, cool trip, . Thanks again all my Bear ski buddies, hope to see some of you back in UT this year..

Thanks to the Grumps for yesterday's Après ski, hope to do some turns with you at LCC next week.. In fact, I'll be at Iron Blossom Sun-Thurs, whoever else is around, PM if you'd like to link up, forecast looking great.
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Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post

Epic indeed and we can't thank Mr & Mrs Grump as well as Lady Salina & Old Boot for their gracious hospitality. A GREAT time was had by all:cool:beercheer:



I miss the Grumps, as well as Lady Salina and Old Boot (I understand Old Boot was a bit grumpy so maybe there were three grumps )
Thanks for a great trip report.  We just got home from our work trip to Colorado and sure wish we could have worked out some time for this Gathering.  
Jgiddyup......you Rock!!
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At the airport. Me- 😢. My legs- 👏. Thanks for a great week. Made new friends. Put names and faces to handles. Learned some things. Skied stuff I never thought I'd ski. Yet more proof (living?) that EpicSki is the most positive example of the power of the Internet that I know of.

PS (Missed you TC. That work trip must have been awful.)
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Have to head to dinner, but a great blower POW day at Solitude today.  Details and more pics from yesterday/today to follow:cool

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So, is someone going to explain the dude with the saran-wrapped feet?

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Awesome day at Solitude. Followed @JohnL in the morning and @Uncle Louie in the afternoon. Great, great day. Had some mid-thigh shots and hip shots. Smiling all day. Only took pictures when JohnL was digging for his skis. We hit one interesting run that was crusty with some avi debris buried beneath. It was definitely good for us. I'll post those pics later.

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Originally Posted by Kimmyt View Post

So, is someone going to explain the dude with the saran-wrapped feet?

That dude is a dumbass.
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A few more pics from Alta yesterday



MephitBlue, Uncle Louie and Cosmoliu out in Catherines






Ski3po (saran wrap ankle guy from the party) being kind enough while nursing a very sore ankle to hang with Mgiddyup and Trish off Supreme in the afternoon



discme in East Greeley




MephitBlue East Greeley



MephiBlue and discme getting to know one another on the traverse out of Greeley:eek



End Alta skiing pics

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Originally Posted by SKI-3PO View Post
Originally Posted by Kimmyt View Post

So, is someone going to explain the dude with the saran-wrapped feet?

That dude is a dumbass.

Hey man, that dude rips.  I've skied with him.

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Now a couple more from the fantastic party hosted by Mr & Mrs Grump



Mgiddyup with wine and cheesecake  Yummy!



Epic Ski's own Superstar actress Lilly(sp) gregarious wife of Mathias99



And lastly the pile of shoes at the front doorThumbs Up



Today at Solitude next

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It was great to ski with you all, and even better to meet you all!  Sorry I could not hang more, hopefully will see you all at Jackson Hole next year!  Keep shredding until then!

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Today at Solitude was blower POW with them reporting 8in as we arrived.  The number was probably right for mid mountain with significantly more higher up and 5 to 6 lower down.  It was knee deep for me off the Summit chair (I'm 6'6") and not quite boot top Sunnyside liftline.  The morning was so good you that the grins as people high fived when meeting for lunch had to be seen to be believed it was that goodThumbs Up:D



Not many pics, but below is what I got


Living Proof off the Summit chair






JohnL and DSloan followed by Garyskr and Uncle Louie on the Summit chair just after the above pics were taken




I do actually ski




 A few more to come

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Spent the morning in powder at solitude with near Nyquist and spooky. John L joined us after lunch. Skied some steep stuff and some mellow stuff, and found a lot of snow -- thigh deep in places.

Thanks to S and J for showing us where the good stuff is. I had fun skiing and hanging with you and NN, and everyone at the gathering.

Thanks to Jgiddyup for organizing, to the guides for guiding, to the grumps for hosting the party (and the rehearsal party), and to everyone for making this a great week.

And thanks to my ACL surgeon --the new one works pretty well.
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Had one of my best days skiing ever today with a group of people I had never met before yesterday. Big thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome I had an absolute blast. Headwall forest will go down as one of my alltime favorite runs after today!
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A few more pics and let me preface by saying that while the camera I had on this trip is a good one, it only has a 5X zoom.  So unless someone is within 20yds (18.288 meters for those wonderful Canadians around here) of me when I click they look quite a ways in the distance.  Oh well best I can do.



Northeasterner and MephitBlue on a really cool double fall line run we did late in the morning under the Sunnyside chair



Living Proof same run



Did some minor bushwhacking on this run off the Powderhorn chair



Eric L I'm not even sure where






Next a few from the end of the day

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Old Boot and Mgiddyup on the Moonbeam chair (Old Boot was kind enough to spend some time on his sore ankle to hang with Michel):cool



Old Boot with Mgiddyup trailing



Old Boot in perfect form sore ankle and all



Mgiddyup with Old Boot trailing



We're done skiing for the day


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After a fantastic day on the hill we check in with the (male) Canadian contingent of Eric L, DanoT and Old Boot



Kind of dark, but here's Garyskr and discme using hand gestures to say what a great day it was



The smiles on the day were shared by everyone



Near Nyquist finishing up



Tha Tha Tha Thaaat's all folks for today's pics.

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WOW Solitude looks sweeeet. Notice all the empty chairs on a powder day. I must go there...

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I really enjoyed meeting new Bears (especially the house Bears!) and loved catching up with those I haven't seen in a while!  Thanks to the Grumps for hosting the happy hour....cheers to great skiing and an all around fantastic trip. Looking forward to next year!

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Thanks, everyone, for a fantastic time. It was really great to make new friends and connect some faces with screen names. Special thanks to jgiddyup for putting the trip together and extra special thanks to cbgarrett for putting in place a few final pieces of the Alta puzzle.
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Got more photos up (finally) at: http://flickr.com/gp/matthias99/Dqm3Y8/


Including various action shots and get-togethers.


We got up to Solitude a little late today and there was still great snow -- a nice place for a powder day!  Didn't get any photos today due to bad lighting and wanting to ski (apologies to Living Proof for having to backtrack on that tree run off the summit...)


Another great Gathering!


Lili and I are hanging around on our continuing ski adventure (see: www.theskigeek.com) -- if anyone is in Park City for the next few days, send me a PM and we can try to hook up.  We're planning to be at Canyons for the next couple days, then doing a day each at PCMR and Deer Valley.

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Skiing Snowbird today. Just don't want the week to end!
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This has been a great  TR to follow.  Sorry I missed it. 


@Uncle Louie its good to see your smiling face and your familiar red jacket in theses shots. 

@Old Boot Hope your ankle feels better soon. 


@jgiddyup - Great job on hosting all the bears and their pairs. 

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I'm home now. Glad to see you guys got some at Solitude. I had an amazing time with you all! It was great seeing you again and meeting some new people. I will post up a report later after I do some family stuff.
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My first gathering has been such an eye-opening and unbelievably awesome experience, I love this group! Everyone has been so warm and welcoming. Special thanks to Mr&Mrs Grump, Kevin, Marigee, Nyquist, Uncle Louie, and Lisa, I've learned tons from you and set myself on much higher bar now!!! And thanks also to Mattias 99 and Mrs mdskier,

Saturday is Met Opera and local friend day, but please PM me if anyone wants to ski LCC or DV Sunday to Wednesday. Open to other ideas also.
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