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Ski Rentals in Breckenridge!

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My first post so I apologize if this has already been discussed.  Heading to Breckenridge in March (staying at Beaver Run) - bringing my boots but will be renting skis.  Looking for rental shop recommendations quality demo skis.  Also, don't want to overpay at the base if I can better or cheaper in town.  Thanks!

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Greetings!  I just took advantage of the (fairly industry standard, in my experience) 20% discount + 1 "free" day by booking with Alpine Sports. They have several Breck locations, one of which happens to be across from the Corral condo complex, which is how I discovered them. Will let you know how the experience turns out... leaving in 4 days!   (Trip dates 2/5-12)


Past trips, I have used Christy Sports with solid results both in Colorado and Utah.

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Thanks!  Have a great trip - they are getting the goods as we speak!

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