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Ski Recommendations?

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I have been doing quite a bit of research on skis and I seem to be more confused now than I was before I started researching.  I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help me out.​


I recently moved to the New England area, within a short driving distance of New Hampshire and Vermont mountains, so I figured that now is the time to buy a pair of skis.  Previously, I had skied a week or so per year, but I will be skiing quite often now that I'm up here.


I consider myself an expert skier - I prefer to ski moguls and powder (I grew up skiing out West), but the reality is that most runs in this area are groomed.  There might be some occasional powder, but it's mostly pretty icy and packed snow.  I am very aggressive and like to go fast.


I am 6'2" and 185 lbs.


So far, I have uncovered the following skis, which seem to be good, but I would like to hear some other opinions and suggestions:


K2 Rictor 82 XTI

Volkl RTM 81



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If you've read on here a lot, then you know boots come first. You have to have a good boot that fits your foot.

After that, IMO the RTM are a little stiff, demo the Volkl Kendo, maybe in 170cm, I'm 6ft 200lbs and ski it in 177cm.

Do you need the name of a good boot fitter ?
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Thanks for the reply.  I have some really good boots already, so I'm set in that department.  I just had decided it wasn't worth traveling with skis until I moved up here.


In general, should I buy the newest model or should I try to save some money by getting a prior year model?

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How long has it been since you last skied ?

We would hate to tell you buy this or that, only for you to outgrow that ski quickly.

Like most highend skis, finding last years may be hard.

I will say one of the Test Engineers at work bought the Kendo just on my word. He loves them. He also club races at the local hills here in CT.
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I skied last weekend and used some demos that I did not like.  They didn't seem very stable at high speeds.  In general, I have found that I don't like wide skis unless I'm on powder, and there is almost no powder up here.


Is the Kendo a ski that I would outgrow quickly?  I am already a very advanced skier.

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Can't view ebay at work.

But my first year Kendo's have the Salomon Ti912 binding on them. Very light set. ski great, edge hold is as good as the new pair of KendosI demoed a few weeks back. My Kendos have about 90 day's on them. I do my own tuning.
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