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Singing Pass backcountry

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Is this the same Singing Pass that the Avy hit a couple days ago and killed the snowmobiler. I saw the video taken from the helicopter, Great terrain. Avy risk was High, they took a break and a snowmobile high marked above them and the slide came down and buried a couple of them, ones hand was showing and they dug him right out. the other was buried for 1 day before being recovered. (my details are sketchy, tv report)
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after a little research i found this


quite aways from you,
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There's been one a little closer in the Duffey Lake area a little further north


The snowpack there is different - i daresay not as stable as our day. It was a NE 40 degree aspect sidehill which went. We were super-conservative that day even without knowing about other areas where people were getting wiped as I'd probed for a thick rain crust which was the weak layer. I'm still a little uneasy about the slope we skied but in hindsight it had been skicut; we knew the skicuts were from the day before when conditions were less stable and there were no objective hazards.
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