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Question about weather condition on resorts and high temperatures

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This winter has been quite frankly awful so far at our place here. Now we finaly had a week of some cold so they managed to make some artificial snow and we also had some natural snow, so we are up to 40-50cm of snow now. Looking good from now on eh? Well not exactly.. this week the weather is taking a turn again and temperatures will rise rapidly.. expected temperatures on the mountain with the most tracks will be 40-45F. There is also some rain at the end of the week.
Now my question is, based on the amount of snow and temperatures aswell as rain, how long would you say the snow will last till its not possible to ski anymore? Assuming this weather continues like this on average, aswell as some rain inbetween.

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You left out a few factors, what will be the temperature during the day and the night, if snow firms at night and doesn't thaw until late aftenoon it last longer as opposed to having 60 degrees 24 hours a day with a hard warm rain. Also the snow depth is a factor. Rain run off erodes snow from the bottom up. I also maintain that snow made at lower temperatures is denser and last longer than snow made at marginal temps but I have no data to prove this.

  Humidity, snow depth, temperature, skier traffic all account for loss. There is  nothing more devastating to snow than a warm wind blowing 24 hours a day so it is really hard to say. BTW: Artficial snow is that stuff that you spray on Christmas trees out of a can. Machine made snow come out of a snow gun. :)

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Too many variables to make any kind of accurate prediction. Temperature, humidity, amount of sun, amount of precipitation, fog, elevation, skier traffic, density of existing snowpack, grooming... an 18 inch base can last for a long time depending on how all those factors contribute, or it can be gone in a day.

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a bit more info


height is about 1000-1500meters thats 3000-5000 feet if im not mistaken

40-50cm of snow now, tho its reported to snow big time tmr and sunday so we could have about 60-70cm, thats around 25 inches.

well skier traffic.. lets say medium, like a medium mountain

not alot of rain around here but perhaps once a week or once per 2 weeks it can rain a bit.

humidity.. not sure, lets take both factors into account, what would happen if it was high and if it was low.

as for temperatures, well i can't predict the future but lets take two scenarios, high day and night and high day and low night.


So one scenario is 4-7 C or 39-45 F both day and night with high humidity, 2nd is with low humidity.

another one is 4-7C or 39-45F at day and -1to1 C 30-33 F during the night with both high humidity and low humidity.


Btw im not interested in completely accurate answers, a ball park would be good enough start.. I just want to learn more about this and to see what I can expect based on the weather forecast, well aproximately at least.

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At those temps the snow could last for weeks without added snow but I expect some grooming would be necessary and without fresh snow the condition change  eventually to a frozen granular type snow but as long as you are getting a new dump or even some new machine made snow you should be good for a couple of week at least. 25" of snow is not a lot of base but I have seen 2 fet of snow last for a month if you don't have to groom too often and the temps drop at night so that the snow firms up .

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Also depends on the sun exposure. Where is this mountain located? There was a high pressure ridge for the last month blocking moisture from the Northwest US but it has moved on so we are getting some cooler temps and precip now. We could still get some good snow storms here through march if we are lucky. Forecasters have a hard enough time getting the 10 day close so I would keep doing the snow dance if I were you.

FWIW we had almost 3 weeks of no snow here and warm temps and we only lost about 2-5" in the bases at Mt Spokane. They were nice spring conditions but our cold and snow is back to mid-winter conditions.
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