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Boot Spoilers

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I'm gonna start this off by saying I have very skinny legs. I always find myself over-tightening the top buckle and cutting circulation because there's always about an inch between my calf and the back of the liner. My previous pair of boots came with a spoiler and all was well, but now on my new boots (Lange rs110 wide) didn't come with a spoiler and my calf moves around like a fiend. It has the velcro piece on the back of the liner for one to be attached it just didn't come with one and it isn't supposed to. I looked on the Lange site and it says "spoiler not included". I looked on e-bay and a whole bunch of other sites and nobody has got them. Is there any possible way I can get my hands on ones that are for my boots?

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Most any shop on mountain should have some laying around - I might even have an extra pair of actual Lange ones - I'm in the air, but will check tomorrow when I am home.
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Thanks! I'd be interested if you'd be willing to sell them. I'll call the ski shop too and see if they can dig up a pair.

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Turns out I do have an extra pair - pm me your address.

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