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Lake Tahoe Ski History

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I skied Mt. Rose for the first time earlier this week, and had a blast attempting to follow ScotsSkier zoom ( and I mean ZOOM! ;-) down the mountain for a few runs. Even with limited snow and open terrain I found it to be a great ski area, and look forward to returning sometime. Saw some pictures posted on the walls in the lodge referring to "Reno Ski Bowl", and didn't know what that was, so did some poking around online when I got home. Found a few links about that and other Lake Tahoe ski history, so thought a thread might be good. I'm sure a lot of people here have their own interesting stories from skiing different places in Tahoe as it's evolved over the years, and hopefully might share some of them, perhaps some pics too, even video.


Anyway, here are a few links to get things rolling...



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Came across a site with a lot of interesting stuff about the Tahoe area...



Here are a couple of good ones I found browsing the site...


In the emergency room, doctors found that virtually every bone on the right side of his body was broken, including his arm, pelvis, leg, and ankle. His knee was completely shattered and his spleen ruptured. The doctor later told Dick that he would be lucky to walk again, let alone ski, but Buek told him that he was already late for getting into shape for next ski season. The following winter he began his rehabilitation by skiing on one leg with half his body in a plaster cast. Despite painful therapy, his right knee was so damaged that Buek regained only 60 percent mobility with it. Metal pins held him together, but in 1954 he entered the U.S. Nationals at Aspen, Colorado, where he took first place in the Men's Downhill.


All was not lost, however. Nellie’s editor, John J. Jennings, had some-how managed to reach Donner Summit before railroad officials held down all westbound traffic in Reno. Jennings caught a ride on a snowplow until it was hit by avalanche. He survived but the machine was disabled. Despite sober advice for Jennings to remain with the plow, the resourceful editor found himself a pair of eight-foot-long wooden skis, the first he had ever seen. He skied all night until he broke past the blockade site where he could get a train to Sacramento. Jennings remarked, “I have seen snow and blizzards in New York, but the people back there don’t know what snow is.”


When men were men!   ;)


This is kinda interesting as well...


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The Squaw Valley Aerial Tramway supports two cable cars. During the accident on April 15, 1978, while the red car was gashed by the falling support cable causing four deaths and numerous injuries.

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Sugar Bowl Resort in the North Lake Tahoe area has an amazing history including opening with California's first chairlift in December, 1939:

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Nice pictures....ScotSkier does zoom! :ski

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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post

Sugar Bowl Resort in the North Lake Tahoe area has an amazing history including opening with California's first chairlift in December, 1939:


Enjoyed the info and video on that page! Great stuff, thx for posting!


Hmm, that guy on the left looks oddly familiar.   ;-)


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Originally Posted by jc-ski View Post


Hmm, that guy on the left looks oddly familiar.   ;-)



Gaperboy is immortal!

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Apparently even without any help from MWP!    


Although I imagine he's just itching to "enhance" that pic!   ;)

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